Local Product Finds Love While Pursuing What He Loves

 Dr. Corinthian A. Tyson and his fiancé Dr. Erica Smith. (Courtesy Photo)
Dr. Corinthian A. Tyson and his fiancé Dr. Erica Smith. (Courtesy Photo)

By Delores Tyson

Letter to the Editor

It is with  great joy, Mr. and Mrs. Harol Tyson are elated to announce the graduation of their son, Dr. Corinthian A. Tyson from Southern California University of Health Sciences, conferring the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic.  Dr. Corinthian Tyson is a product of Kern county attending school in Tehachapi, and graduating from Liberty High School in Bakersfield in 2009.  Dr. Tyson was accepted at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, and graduated with honors while obtaining his B.A. degree in Psychology with a minor in Medicine, Class of 2013.

 A mother’s story: God is always working behind the scene for us and this is how I know. On a beautiful sunny day in March 2013, I was very close to home, returning from a day’s work.  As I sat at a red light, a car slammed into me from behind. My new car was minus a bumper and I had some bumps and bruises accompanied with some lower back pain.  I contacted local Attorney Curtis Floyd who handled the legalities of the accident which included referring me to the best chiropractor in Bakersfield, Dr. Brendon Bradley DC QME. During one of my appointments with Dr. Bradley, I told him my son had recently come home from graduating from Hampton University and was trying to get in to medical school. He planned to become a psychiatrist but he needed to better his medical college admission test score (MCAT), in order to be accepted into medical school.  Dr. Bradley said, “Bring your son in next time you come, I’d love to meet him!” After meeting Corinthian, the two quickly became good friends.  Dr. Bradley asked Corinthian if he had ever thought about becoming a chiropractor.  Dr. Bradley began to tell Corinthian what the schooling consisted of and that he graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences, in Whittier California which is the oldest and most prestigious chiropractic school in California. Not long after this conversation Corinthian was invited to observe Dr. Bradley as he treated his patients on several occasions. About a month or so later, Corinthian received a letter of acceptance from Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica. My husband and I paid the deposit in order to hold his spot for the next semester. After much prayer, Corinthian came to his father and I and said, “The medical school in Dominica is not where the Lord wants me to be.” Although no other letters of acceptance had arrived, we trusted our son’s spiritual discernment and stayed prayerful knowing The Lord would show him the way.  Around this time, my husband  had recently retired after 30 years with the California Department of Corrections. Three months after he retired, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Is there ever a “good time” to have cancer? This was the tearful conversation my husband and I had with one another however; I was the only one tearful. My husband had already made up his mind and claimed victory over cancer.  You see, he was going to have to obtain employment in order to pay for our son’s college expense including a place to stay. Prayerfully, and faithfully the three of us trusted. We trusted that The Lord would somehow fulfill our son’s dream.  During that time of praying, trusting and waiting, The Lord spoke to Corinthian and told him to submit an application for Southern California University of Health Sciences, in Whittier Ca., where Dr. Bradley had graduated. Corinthian and his dad were invited to visit the campus. The trip was bitter sweet as cancer treatment had not been decided; yet our son knew he had to obtain his goals and pushed forward. Now look at God ya’ll, at that very same campus visit,  not only was Corinthian accepted into the chiropractic program, he received a small scholarship for an essay he had written during the entrance exam! Now all we had to do was find and furnish a nearby, safe and inexpensive apartment, decide on treatment for my husband’s cancer, and pray for an extra speedy recovery so that he could start a new part time job waiting for him to pay sons expenses.  I remember wondering, “Lord, how are you going to work all this out, because your timing has got to be impeccable.”  Then I had to remind myself, it’s not my job to worry and try to figure it out, but to trust and believe that no matter what it looked like, The Lord would work it out!  

As Corinthian immersed himself in the program, he realized the Lord placed him exactly where he needed to be. He always loved helping people, working with his hands and has a true servant’s heart.  He met and made some wonderful friends, some of whom I’m sure will be lifelong friends. He has gone on mission trips with his classmates treating those less fortunate in other countries.  During Corinthian’s first trimester in school, he met a very special young lady named Erica Smith who was a trimester ahead of him and also pursuing her dream to become a chiropractor.  The two became friends in the program, then study buddies. The last two years of the program they began a dating relationship. Funny side note: Corinthian actually met Erica’s brother Jason first before ever meeting her. Jason took a picture of him and Corinthian and sent it to Erica’s phone saying “You should date this guy”; in which she responded she was not interested because she did not like dreadlocks. 

 Erica is bright, ambitious, thoughtful and loving. On July 15 2018, while Corinthian and Erica were in attendance at Greater Harvest Christian Center (Bakersfield) for church, Corinthian approached the pulpit to give his testimony during which time he called for Erica to join him. During his testimony he spoke of how he met Erica at school and how she stayed by his side helping him and loving him in a way he never knew existed. At that moment he got down on one knee in the pulpit, raised a box and humbly asked Miss. Erica Smith to be his wife!  With emotions running high, the congregation broke out with shouts, and applause, with some of the young ladies chanting ‘SAY YES, SAY YES, SAY YES!’  Without hesitation, tears streaming down her cheeks, Erica said “YES!” and the two became engaged on July 15th, 2018, in the pulpit of Greater Harvest Christian Center!     

There is always a blessing in the storm, you only have to find it. The day I was rear ended in 2003 started the chain of events that would lead my son to his profession as a chiropractor and to his future wife, Dr. Erica Louise Smith. Our faith has only been made stronger by the adversities we have overcome, and we wouldn’t have it any other way, for we know that God is always working behind the scene, and it’s all for His glory! 

 Dr. Corinthian Tyson and Dr. Erica Smith plan to marry in April 2019.  Dr. Tyson is employed with Spinal Health Center in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. while Dr. Smith is employed with The Berlin Wellness Group in Los Angeles, Ca.   

The Tyson family would like to thank everyone who helped our son obtain his goal either by prayer, word or deed.  To Cain A.M.E Church (Bakersfield), where Corinthian began his Spiritual walk as a child, we thank you. To grandma ‘Imo’, who loved and adored her only grandson, and will always be with him in Spirit.  To Pastor Vernon Kemp, First Lady Kemp and all the members of Greater Harvest, your love and encouragement was like no other.  Mrs. Cora Jordan, (Grandmother), who always knew when to call Corinthian to lend a listening ear, and to love and encourage him when times were tough; we appreciate you dearly. Ricky Wright (God-father), we thank you for wisdom and guidance and loving “Mr. Greedy” from the moment he was born.  Attorney Erika Randall who opened her doors when Corinthian needed a place to stay. Aggie, we thank you for the college care packages you shipped cross country!  And a very special thanks   you to Dr. Brendon Bradley, who saw something special in Corinthian, and took him under his wing. To our daughter Kelly Tyson who resides in Virginia, thank you for being there for your baby brother.  For friends and family member’s names I didn’t call, you are loved and appreciated for the role you played in helping Corinthian obtain his goals. To my Spirit filled, hardworking husband Harol Tyson, God could not have given me a better partner, you truly are my portion!  To the man who rear-ended me, I owe you a thank you!  To our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, we thank you for being ever present in our lives and always working behind the scenes, lining things up, for YOUR glory!  

I Corinthians 2:9 — But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love HIM.