The Clippers Media Day

 Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers speaks during media day at the NBA basketball team's practice facility Monday, Sept. 24, 2018, in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers speaks during media day at the NBA basketball team’s practice facility Monday, Sept. 24, 2018, in Los Angeles.

By Cam Buford,

Every new season begins with a lot of optimism, this year for the Los Angeles Clippers is no different. They currently have a good mix of veterans and young players to lead them into the 2018-2019 NBA Season. Having missed the playoffs last season, the Clippers are surely focused on getting their team back into the playoffs; because, not only will they be fighting for basketball relevancy in the city, to win a championship you’ve got to win in the playoffs.

Thought this roster is likely to change based on some of the conversations which were had at the Clippers Media Day. As it stands now veteran Guards Avery Bradley, Patrick Beverly, Center Martin Gortat, and Forwards Danilo Gallinari and Tobias Harris will likely start for them as the roster is currently constructed. Coming off the bench they could then have Forwards Montrez Harrell Wesley Johnson, Sindarious Thornwell teamed Guards Milos Teodosic, Tyrone Wallace come off the bench. Rookies Shai Gilgeuos Alexander and Jarome Robinson will be competing for playing time with 7-year veteran Mike Scott, Guard Jawun Evans.

While being inundated with questions about his team and any potential changes which may be bandied about, Clippers Head Coach became passionate when he asks if he encourages his team to participate in social activities. He emphatically states, “Yes!” He went to say that he, “We better all go vote! I don’t care who you vote for; well, actually I do care.” “I think its more important now than ever! We’re about to, maybe, confirm a guy to be a Supreme Court Justice, that has sexually allocations against him; and it’s like we don’t care.” “We are so concerned about a guy kneeling for a national anthem, yet those same people concerned about that are willing to put a guy like this as our Supreme Court Justice…?”

Doc admittedly said he doesn’t “talk about it a lot” though he’s “always been political.” But he feels this is important for us, all. While encouraging people to vote he specifically pointed out the lack of black men voting for the presidency. ”Black men have to go vote. I think 7 percent of black men voted for the president. 7 percent. And we have to do better.” This was a powerful message coming from Doc Rivers, and I credit the Clipper Head Coach for sharing his thoughts and feeling on a topic that will have a much larger impact on America that basketball. We can only hope the player are following his lead, with regards to his demeanor and approach to life.

Though I anticipate some major additions to this team, the squad as I stand now is currently compiled of athletic guys that can also be aggressive on the defensive end. This makes for a versatile team, in this new world of ‘small ball’, which the game has morphed into. Gone are the days of Lob City with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan for the Los Angeles Clippers; until some changes are made to this roster this new Clippers team will be a young team looking to grow and develop together.

Most of the media expect that this roster will be modified prior to the start of the season. I am confident in Doc Rivers as the Head Coach and the support and input from Jerry West himself, to make the appropriate decisions to get the organization back into championship contention. We will be watching the Clippers and their development throughout this season.