Lakers prep for first Pre-Season game

 LeBron debuts new Laker Jersey in San Diego (Ty Nowell-
LeBron debuts new Laker Jersey in San Diego (Ty Nowell-

By Cameron Buford,

The anticipation for this upcoming NBA season here in Los Angeles is like that of the 2010 season, or even that 2001, 2002 or 2003 season. Clearly, the hype and excitement are due to the new acquisitions the Lakers have made this off-season. This mixture of veterans mixed with their core of young players have given the Laker fans plenty of reason to be optimistic of this upcoming season.

By adding, arguably the games best player in Lebron James, Rajon Rondo, Lance Stevenson, JaVale McGee, and Michael Beasley to their young core players of 3rd year forward Brandon Ingram and 2-year players Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma will likely take some time to reach their full potential. This is sure to an interesting makeup. But if fans complained about the competition level in recent years, fans will not have that complaint with this team.

“It’s a work in progress…” Kuzma responds when asked about how practice is going. He also mentioned that the best advice he’s been given to play with LeBron it, “given in early, stay late, work hard!” He also mentioned that “he, Brandon and Josh have improved their perimeter shooting a lot in the off-season.” Additionally, Kyle mentioned that he has been playing “center a little bit,” practice. As they test out a potential small ball line up.

Head Coach Luke Walton was asked multiple questions about team defense and player development. “They want their players talking at any position,” he said about playing defense. He also mentioned that “they will be patient with Lonzo!” “Nothing, with the injury now…. We just want to bring him back slowly.” When asked about Brandon Ingram, “he is going to have plenty of opportunities and he’s going to learn so much about the game. He’s right where he should be.”

Considering the current social climate, I wanted to know if Head Coach encourages his players to give back to the community and his response was, “We encourage our players to be themselves. If they feel strongly about and want to stand up for it; of course, we encourage that. That’s part of growth and becoming man. If you choose not to do anything and keep your beliefs to yourself, we encourage that too. But, we have our players back.”

On a similar note, I asked LeBron James why he chooses to give back to the community he modestly revealed, “It’s just who I am. Just my upbringing; where I come from…, being an underprivileged kid, that didn’t have much. For me to be in a position where I have a lot; I give a lot. It’s just who I am.”

This past Sunday, this new rendition of the Los Angeles Lakers took the court for the first time. Thought they took the loss to a young Denver Nuggets team, they will are likely to surprise many doubters around the NBA in the regular season. I will not be making any prediction on this team as I think there may be some changes in the works, once we see the complete product… I’ll consider making my prediction of the Lakers upcoming season. Though I would like to know what you are feeling about this upcoming season. Please let me know What’s Good by sharing

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