Clippers Add Improvements to Jarrett Middle School

 Clippers take the court in Hawaii for Pre-Season. (
Clippers take the court in Hawaii for Pre-Season. (

By Cameron Buford,

As the Los Angeles Clippers embark on a new season, for the second consecutive season the Clippers have had their training camp in Hawaii. Rather than just hosting their training camp in Hawaii, the Clippers have partnered with Hawaii Tourism Authority to host the Clippers Hawaii Classic. Additionally, and most notably, the Clippers unveiled a newly renovated computer lab and fitness room for a local middle school.

Located in the Palolo Valley, Jarrett Middle School serves 250 students of diverse backgrounds in grades six through eight. Jarrett’s initiatives are in accordance with the STEM program, where science, technology and math subjects are the priority. Their technology resources have become an important instructional tool in the growth of their students learning the process.

“On behalf of all my classmates and teachers, thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Remarked Jarrett student Mahina Monsarrat-Ohelo. “You have definitely helped hundreds of students to have a fighting chance to change the future.”

Several Clippers players, from Avery Bradley, Marcin Gortat and Luc Mbah a Moute were joined by Clippers mascot Chuck the Condor to present the updated computer lab and fitness center to the children and teachers of William P. Jarrett Middle School, in Honolulu, on behalf of the L.A. Clippers Foundation. The players also posed for photos with staff and teachers, while helping students make use of their new computers and instructed them in properly utilizing the equipment in the new fitness room.

Clippers Center Marcin Gortat mentioned, “It’s incredible. I never had a computer at that age. I never had a fitness room like that. Those kids will be able to learn something new.” He continued to say, “It’s incredible that we are able to give back to the community and we hope that a lot of kids, now and in the future, will be able to learn from these computers and benefit from the class.”

“The Clippers’ partnership with Hawaii Tourism Authority is built on the principle of a lasting Aloha, and we’re thrilled to leave something behind in Hawaii that will not only impact current fans but future fans as well,” said Clippers President of Business Operations Gillian Zucker. “The renovated facilities and new equipment will help level the playing field for Honolulu children, giving the students and teachers of Jarrett Middle School the resources they need to take advantage of their dreams.”

Their new fitness room was built with the intention of promoting healthy lifestyles through physical activities. Included in the facility brand new equipment as well as yoga mats, exercise balls, and jump ropes. The Jarret Middle School computer lab has been completely refurbished to increase children participation and engagement of STEM subjects. The 55-inch TV and mini CPU, 37 new computers courtesy of the L.A. Clippers Foundation, planned to be utilized for 3D computer work, after-school coding classes and any number of various learning activities.

Jarrett Middle School Principal Dr. Reid Kuba spoke of the improvement by stating, “It’s just amazing working with the Clippers. I want the kids to use the computers and apply them to solve problems, dream of products and raise their level of thinking.” He continued on to say, “the kids love PE. They have it every day. Now, with the new PE room, we can do a lot more and really keep the kids constantly moving. Not many of these kids get exercise, so having this room will both help now and pay dividends in the future.”

In addition to working with Jarrett Middle School, the Clippers hosted a total of four free clinic sessions for over 800 pre-registered children. The Clippers basketball clinic was held at the Hawaii Convention Center last week. Already having more than100,000 members the Jr. Clippers Youth Basketball program is among the largest in the NBA.

As they work to inspire children through the game of basketball, the L.A. Clippers Foundation seeks to utilize its unique position to provide resources and opportunities that make a positive difference toward leveling the playing field for youth in Southern California. This is their second year of helping the youth of Hawaii, like last year, the Clippers refurbished the Stevenson Middle School computer lab.

Giving back is always a good thing! Giving back to a community you are visiting for just a few weeks each year is even more impressive! As was mentioned by Jarrett student, Mahina Monsarrat-Ohelo “hundreds of students to have a fighting chance to change the future!” This initiative has definitely built long lasting fans and will leaving a legacy for the younger generation to follow. A tremendous amount of props and credit should be given to the Clippers Foundations for their efforts. Please let me know your thoughts on What’s Good with the Los Angeles Clippers Foundation by commenting in the comment section of this article at