Recipe of the Week: Big Mama Burger

Recipe of the Week: Big Mama Burger

The best burgers are the ones that are made from home because there you can make them exactly the way you want. When my son saw this burger he called it a big mama burger because of its size and all its delicious flavor, and of course my special sauce.

Tip: A good juicy burger has flavorful ingredients whether you’re using beef, chicken, or turkey. Even if you’re making a veggie burger, it should have the most fresh ingredients.


Beef (your choice of meat or veggies)
Salt & pepper
Purple onion
Large sesame buns


Preheat skillet or grill for medium high heat.

In a large bowl season your choice of meat with salt & pepper (you can also add breadcrumbs to your meat).

Lightly oil skillet or grill grate. Fry or grill patties 5 minutes per side, or until well done. Afterwards, place cheese on meat and place in a warm oven for melting.

With the same skillet that had been cleaned spread mayo on top & bottom bun and grill for a few minutes. Do this until buns have become soft in texture.

Now the good part, build your burger with mustard, mayo, relish, & ketchup (optional). Add your meat and cheese, pile on lettuce, tomatoes, onions (grilled or not it’s up to you), and pickles with my secret sauce…but it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you right??

For more bold flavors you can add grilled onions, green chilies, jalapeños and/or bacon.

I know you will enjoy this monster burger along with your favorite side.


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