LA Rams and Shoes That Fit partner With LAPD to Provide Shoes for Elementary School Children

 Jamon Brown gifting Holmes Ave Elementary students new shoes in October 2018. ( photo)
Jamon Brown gifting Holmes Ave Elementary students new shoes in October 2018. ( photo)

By Cameron Buford,

In late October of 2018, the children in attendance of Holmes Avenue Elementary were in for a major surprise. Through no fault of their own, these children are faced with the many challenging scenarios that come with growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles. In conjunction with Shoes That Fit and the Los Angeles Rams, the Los Angeles Police Department funded the effort to provide shoes for the 200 Students in attendance at Holmes Avenue Elementary School.

Schools that “have children on 100% free or reduced lunch.” Are identified as schools with “a high rate of poverty,” explains Brian, a representative of Shoes That Fit. Seeking to enhance the dignity and joy of children in need through the gift of shoes, Shoes That Fit strategically identifies these schools and provides them with new athletic shoes. Having already distributed over two million pairs of shoes the organization is currently helping children in schools across the country with other necessities, in addition to shoes. Click on this link to find out more information about Shoes That Fit.

“To leverage all our assets to let these kids know how much people care. For us, it’s not only about shoes; shoes are expensive, and kids need them,” states Amy Fass the CEO and Executive Director of Shoes That Fit. She continued to say, “it’s really about their self-esteem!” Speaking of the impact the shoes will have on the children which there to receive them.

On behalf of the Los Angeles Rams, third-year Offensive Lineman out of Eastern Washington Aaron Neary and fellow Offensive Lineman and former Louisville Cardinal Jamon Brown was present at this event. Consistent with their efforts to be part of the community, the Rams continue to be present and support multiple communities throughout the year. Rams Cheerleaders and Team Mascot Rampage were also there to participate in the NFL play60 activities with the children.

When discussing his reasons for coming out on his off day Jamon Brown emphatically explains, “Where else would you want to be, right; Out here putting smiles on kids’ faces; I think there’s no better way to spend the off day!” “The satisfaction I get, you can’t really put it into words! …A lot of us (NFL Players) love to try to put a smile on someone else face.”

The children also participated in a Play 60 Assembly, sponsored by the Los Angeles Rams community team. They hosted fun and educational activities in a game-show format for the children. The assembly also incorporated fun challenges which promoted fitness and health. The challenges vary between different physical activities to encourage our young adults to be active for a minimum of 60 minutes every day. For more information on NFL PLAY 60 please visit

 Aaron Neary gifting a Holmes Ave Elementary student new shoes in October 2018. ( photo)
Aaron Neary gifting a Holmes Ave Elementary student new shoes in October 2018. ( photo)

“All three of us together, as partners to make the community better, to bridge gaps and build trust it’s something special. We’re very, very honored to have the Rams here, we are very honored to have Shoes That Fit as a true partner.” Commanding Officer Michael Rimkunas. Officer Rimkunas was on to passionately state, “their number one objective is to build

relationships! Whatever we can bring LAPD in line with our community partners to give something back to the community and to give the community something special. That’s what this we’re about!”

This is an impressive union sponsored by the Los Angeles Police Department. Shoes That Fit should also be commended for their efforts on this day and every other day they are assisting the challenged youth across the country. Lastly, I would expect nothing less from the Los Angeles the be associated with and participating such charitable event. This is clearly something they have been passionate about since returning to Los Angeles. Let me know What Good by commenting in the comment section of this article on or reaching out to me @whatsgoodinsports.