Seahawks vs Rams

 Todd Gurley makes his move on the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday Nov. 11. (Jevone Moore of Full Image 360 photo)
Todd Gurley makes his move on the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday Nov. 11. (Jevone Moore of Full Image 360 photo)

By Cameron Buford,

The setting was near perfect at the Coliseum for the Seahawks to challenge the Los Angeles Rams. Because this is a division rival, the records for both teams coming into the game, should be tossed out. As these teams know each other extremely well, and the Seahawks have been playing better than expected. I must admit, I expected many more Seahawks fans to be in the house, considering the many fans that traveled to London to see them play a few weeks ago.

On the first drive of the game, the Seahawks were able to capitalize on a questionable roughing the quarterback penalty. On the second third down the Rams were flagged for a personal foul as, new addition, Donte Fowler Jr. argued with the refs. The Seahawks ultimately to cap this drive off with a 23-yard Touchdown pass by Russell Wilson.

The Rams come out in a hurry-up offense to start the game and they picked up 2 quick first downs before they actually huddled up. Out of the huddle, the Rams pick up 9 yards by giving the ball to their MVP Candidate Todd Gurley. As they have done all drive but one this season, the Rams get a TD in their first drive. As Jared Goff hits tight end Everett for a 10 TD pass.

Rashad Penny finally shows flashes of why he became a first-round pick for the Seahawks on his 38-yard gain. Penny responded on his second carry with an 18-yard TD. Giving the Seahawks a 7-point lead going into the second quarter.

After a failed third-down attempt, the Rams 58-yard drive ended with a field goal. Both teams swapped possessions before they were able to move the ball down the field and getting Gurley a sweet TD around the left end. This TD gave the Rams a 3 point lead right before halftime.

Coming out of halftime the Rams were able to add a field goal and push their lead up to 6 points late in the third quarter. The Seahawks responded with another Russel Wilson touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett. This TD gave the Seahawks a 21-20 as the clock winds down in the third quarter.

Having overcome multiple penalties, the Rams put together a solid drive to regain the lead early in the fourth quarter. Down by 5 points, their attempt of a 2-pt. conversion fell incomplete. The Seahawks came back to kick a field goal and make it a 2 point game. Before the Rams came back on the next drive, fans in attendance saw Cooper Kupp go down with a non-contact knee injury. That seemed to take some of the steam out of the Rams, though they were able to push the lead back up to 5 points with another field goal, with 7:34 to go in the game.

Just as the Seahawks began their drive, Donte Fowler Jr. was able to get the ball back for the Rams and a strip sack and fumble recovery. Russell Wilson said himself, “he made a great play; that’s why they brought him here.” This fumble recovery lead to a Brandon Cooks rushing touchdown pushing the Rams leads up to 12 points. This double-digit lead with the amount of time on the clock essentially put the game out of reach for the Seahawks. However, Russell Wilson managed to lead the Seahawks to another TD. Now down by 5, the Seahawks would need an onside kick to get them one more crack at winning this game.

The Seahawks elected to pooch kick the ball and play good defense to try to get the ball back, for a chance to win the game. Surprisingly, they did hold the Rams from getting a first down, forcing them to punt the ball. Russell had the one final chance with just over a minute to win the game on the road in front of over 72,755 fans at the Coliseum. Wilson managed to get his team to the Rams 35 yards with a series of scrambles. On first, second and third down the Russell passes fell incomplete, the drive was halted when the down pass fell incomplete.

These two teams always play each other tough, regardless of each other’s record. Though this was another inspired performance by the Seattle Seahawks. Though we saw some uncharacteristic penalties from the Rams in this game, the Rams were able to bounce back from their only of the loss of the season. The Rams now prepare for a potential Super Bowl preview as they face the Kansa Chiefs in Mexico City, Mexico next week. Please let me know your thought on What’s Good with the Rams by commenting in the comment section of this article on or reaching out to me @whatsgoodinsports on twitter.