What’s Good Supremacy Rankings

 This is what teams are playing for; this is our rankings of the teams with the best chance to claim the Lombardi trophy. (courtesy photo)
This is what teams are playing for; this is our rankings of the teams with the best chance to claim the Lombardi trophy. (courtesy photo)

By Cameron Buford, whatsgoodinsports.com

As we are just past the midpoint of the exciting NFL season. We felt this would be a good time to reveal our midpoint What’s Good Supremacy Rankings for this season. Some predictions have come to fruition, while others may have made you question your knowledge of the league. Just as always, some performances have surprised fans around the league others have disappointed those same fans.

In reverse order we have listed what we believe to the be the top performing teams in the NFL;

#10 Houston Texans- Exciting Deshaun Watson and his receiver DeAndre Watson lead their offense while J.J Watt and Jadeveon Clowney cement the Texans defense. They have managed a 6-game winning streak proving that this team is coming together nicely midway through the season.

#9 Tennessee Titans- There is nothing pretty about the way the Titans play football! Run the ball stop the run and let your young agile make a play or two during the game. This appears to be their formula and they the players that play to those expectations. Teams will have to play solid football to beat these guys! Beating the defending AFC Champs this past weekend wasn’t a bad look either.

#8 Minnesota Vikings- This is another team that plays fundamental football. They are a well-balanced team on both sides of the ball, though their defense will need to step up their play if the Vikings want to be a factor in the playoffs.

#7 Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton is maturing in Norv’s offense and C McCaffery has developed into a nice option out the backfield for Cam. The defense remains opportunistic defense and can slow down most offenses to keep them in each game. This makes them a tough matchup for most teams in the league.

#6 Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers a learning what life is like without Leveon Bell. Though it may have taken a few weeks to settle in, Conner has filled in admirably and there is slowly rounding into some shape. They will be required to outscore some teams in contention and I am sure Big Ben is all smiles about that.

#5 New England Patriots- Although they are working new players into their rotation. Their offense will be the reason they excel as their defense has been rather porous this season. However, the combination of Belichick and Brady continue to give you a reason not to bet against them.

#4 Los Angeles Chargers- Phillip Rivers, Melvin Gordon, and Keenan Allen lead their offense while Melvin Ingram, Casey Hayward and Derwin James will make it difficult for most team t score on them. These combinations will give the Chargers a chance to make a deep playoff run.

#3 Los Angeles Rams- The Rams offense has been clicking like a well-oiled machine throughout most of the season. Though their defense has been less than advertised, their offense will keep them in every game and when their defense comes together; this team will be unbeatable.

#2 New Orleans Saints- Drew Brees is playing like the best QB in the game! Though their defense is young they can count on Bress to keep them in most any game. As he has been impressive this season.

#1 Kansas City Chiefs- Patrick Mahomes is taking full advantage of his opportunity as Chiefs starter, his ability to utilize Hunt, Kelsey and the rest of the weapons he has, has made that Kansas City Chiefs offense the most potent on the league.

This is a fluid situation; as the Texans and the Titans just barely made our list. This list will be revisited in the coming weeks, as we largely base our list on how we see teams perform to this point in the league. I’d be interested to know how differently you have the teams ranked as compared our NFL Supremacy Rankings. Please reach out and let me know What’s Good by commenting in the comment section of this article at www.whatsgoodinsports.com or find us on twitters @whatsgoodnsport