2018 City Treasurer Student Academy Program

 (Inglewood Office of the City Treasurer courtesy photo)
(Inglewood Office of the City Treasurer courtesy photo)

Dr. Wanda Brown, Inglewood City Treasurer

Letter to the Editor

The 14th City Treasurer Student Academy Program ended November 15, 2018. 26 students enrolled in the program. It is a four week program where students meet with City Treasurer Dr. Wanda Brown for two and a half hours. The focus of the program is to acquaint the interns with the day to day operations of Municipal government, how their local elected officials represent their community and how the office of the City Treasurer functions. Important financial concepts were also taught such as, the Rule of 72, bond concepts, compound interest, to give them a basic understanding of how money works. A full hot lunch was provided at beginning of program. 

Students visited the Council Chamber where they were given the opportunity to play the roles of mayor, council members, city treasurer, city clerk, city attorney, and city manager. Mayor Butts invited the student interns to the executive conference room to give them a presentation about changes in their city and the history of how it has come to be what it is today. Councilman Alex Padilla, who represents district 2, also provided kids with details of what his duties consist of and he provided lunch for the interns for one of the four sessions. City Manager Artie Fields, City Clerk Yvonne Horton, and Councilman Eloy Morales provided lunch for the students. 

Tours of Finance Department, 911 Dispatch, and the Police Department were provided. During the Police Department tour students were given a K-9 demonstration as well as a tour through the jail. 

Students were given a take-home examination to see how much of the information taught they were able to understand. A minimum score of 85% was required for passing. Most of the scores were in the 90% percentile and 3 students scored 100%! 26 plaques were presented at the plaque awards ceremony. 

The program will be offered again in June or July 2019. For information about the program contact Dr. Wanda Brown at (310) 412-5642