Wilder vs Fury Championship Recap

 (The Ring Magazine)
(The Ring Magazine)

By Cameron Buford, whatsgoodinsports.com

This past weekend at Staples Center in Los Angeles, we got the Heavyweight Boxing matchup many boxing fans were eager to see. The Wilder vs. Fury fight left everyone talking about who truly won the fight in grand boxing fashion. For months these two giants sold and promoted their hate for each other when they really were truly just firing each other up for this monumental matchup.

Tyson Fury had a well-choreographed compilation of hits that he walked out too, which really livened his European fans which traveled to Los Angeles to support him. Wilder came out to a live rendition Win, Win, Win performed by Jay Rock; Wilder also had on some costume with large feathers and a ghostlike mask on as he entered the ring. The buildup for this fight was immense and I time had come for me to experience my first Heavyweight fight live.

Just like the showman he is known to be, Fury opened the fight dancing and clowning around and seeming taunting Deontay Wilder in the early rounds. Wilder came out in control of his punches, staying tight and even worked the body some. Though it was close, Wilder controlled the first couple rounds by landing those body shots and big power punches.

I had the fight even after 4 rounds, heading into the 5th round, as both fighters displayed their trademark strengths to the point. Fury proved to be very elusive for his size and height, while Wilder looked good when he showed his boxing talents and lost control when he went to finish the fight with one big punch.

Fury continued to clown around throughout the fight; poking his face out, holding his hands behind his back and putting his hands high above his head. I’m certain this swayed the opinion of the crowd and potentially the judges and likely bought him a couple rounds with his antics. I had each fighter exchanging the 5th and 6th rounds.

From what I witnessed Wilder landed the most impactful punches in round 7, so that won him that round. Although Fury kept it close with his awkwardness and his stutter steps prior to his punches he kept some pressure on Wilder. Fury was then knockdown in the 8th round by Wilder.

Oddly that 8th round knockdown of Fury by Wilder seemed to energize Fury, as he came back to win the next round after being knockdown. His unique fighting style seemed to flummox Wilder to a point and seemingly forced him to keep trying to land one of those wild haymakers to finish him off.

Both fighters showed extreme conditioning, heart, and determination by exchanging big blows in the championship rounds of this fight. Wilder won the 10th round and Fury won the 11 with his unique combos and agility. Wilder seemingly knocked down Fury out with a right cross and left hook combo; as Fury hit the canvas with his eyes rolled back in his head… everyone, including Fury’s corner, thought he was out… somehow Fury got up to continue the fight valiantly to complete the round.

Tyson Fury gained a tremendous amount of respect for his ability to get up after that 12th round knockdown. That knockdown put him behind in the scorecard in the round and the fact that it was his second knockdown, cemented the fight for Wilder in my opinion. Both fighters celebrated with their corners at the final bell and I was really surprised that Fury and his team were cheering on their side in their corner as if they’ve won this championship fight.

Each fighter mentioned in their individual press conference, “that the fans are the real winners tonight!” Tyson Fury opened his press conference by saying “I’m not going to sit here and complain all night and scream robbery; I thought I won the fight; I’ll leave the fans to decide what they thought.” After responding to several questions Fury, as the natural showman, he is, grabbed the mic and initiated an odd rendition of American Pie with the media. He seemed way to happy and comfortable with a draw in this fight, seem to understand that a bigger payday was coming.

“One thing I am happy about is the fight lived up to the hype,” Deontay Wilder mentioned in his opening remarks of his press conference. He also stated, “I don’t know how he got up?” He also explained, “that he was overthrowing his punches.” He also was speaking of a future rematch.

This fight between these charismatic boxers and showmen lived up to the hype. Though I thought Wilder won the fight with his knockdowns, it was an entertaining enough fight, that a rematch would seemingly be just as entertaining. My prediction of “the sleeker Deontay Wilder will overwhelm the bigger Fury’” and outlasting him in a decision was partially right as it did go to a decision. Just not the correct one I thought. I am eager to know how you scored the fight, please let me know your thoughts on this fight and if you are interested in seeing the rematch by commenting in the comment section of this article on www.whatsgoodinsports.com or reaching out to us on twitter @whatsgoodinsports.