Recipe of the Week: Stacked Shrimp + Grits Breakfast

Shrimp, smoked hotlinks, smothered potatoes & omelet piled high on chicken flavored grits

1/2 cup of Albert’s grits (This is the amount that I used for one person) Depending on how many you are cooking for is very important to cook according to directions on box. For added flavor I used 1 Chicken Bouillon (Knorr brand).

2 eggs lightly mixed and then pour into lightly greased skillet. Do not scramble the eggs because you want them to be like an omelet. You can also add any kind of cheese before flipping the eggs over.

1 hot link (your choice I used the Louisiana brand) *use as many according to how many you are cooking for*

Shrimp that was boiled in about 1/2 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of margarine or butter. (Season with salt & pepper). I didn’t want to overpower the shrimp with different kinds of seasoning because I wanted the flavor of the grits to be tasted more. (Use desired amount according to how many you are cooking for)

2 Russet potatoes that has been thoroughly washed and dried. I thinly sliced potatoes like chips.  In a small bowl I mixed in thin sliced onions and thin sliced red pepper and a little amount of salt & pepper. While preparing the skillet make sure your skillet is getting hot. I used about a 1/2 cup of oil. Add potatoes to the skillet and continue to fry until done. Once cooked I added a little water and then covered with a lid and let sit until ready for use.

Now that everything has been cooked, on a plate or bowl first add your grits. Next, top with your egg omelet, potatoes, hot links, & shrimps.

Finally for garnish, you can add parsley and/or green onions.