PBC on FOX Thurman vs Lopez Fight Card Recap

 Keith Thurman catches Josesito Lopez with a clean uppercut on Saturday night. (Photo Credit to Stephanie Trapp/ TGB Promotions)
Keith Thurman catches Josesito Lopez with a clean uppercut on Saturday night. (Photo Credit to Stephanie Trapp/ TGB Promotions)

By Cameron Buford, Whatsgoodinsports.com

The partnership between Premiere Boxing Champions and Fox Sports is doing their part to rejuvenate the boxing industry. Their calendar of boxing match ups has boxing fans looking forward to their lineup each weekend. This past weekend’s lineup headlined by Keith Thurman vs Josesito Lopez was hosted by the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and aired of Fox Sports. This article will share some of the pre and post-fight quotes from a few of the fighters which competed in this past weekend’s fight card.

Thurman was intent on returning to the ring and making and stellar defense of his title. By going the distance, this fight would give him a chance to go show off his skills. Lopez would also be a great opponent for Thurman as he will not be shy about throwing his punches as well. Here are their thoughts in their own words;

 Team Thurman celebrate after their victory over Lopez on Saturday at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. (Photo Credit to Stephanie Trapp/ TGB Promotions)
Team Thurman celebrate after their victory over Lopez on Saturday at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. (Photo Credit to Stephanie Trapp/ TGB Promotions)



“It’s a tremendous feeling to be back in this position. It’s an honor to be working with FOX and I’m excited for this new platform. I’ve got new health and I’m just ready for Saturday night.”

“I’ve been to several fights in my time off and it’s felt like a lifetime. Saturday night, the champ is back. Brooklyn, we’re here.”

“There’s always a little level of nerves for a fight, but it’s mostly anticipation. This is the world-class level. I’m proud to be champion and I always want to be champion. The nerves are very natural, but they are not overpowering. I like to carry some nerves with me for each fight.”

“Josesito has a lot of confidence. He has been training hard and I know that’s where his confidence comes from because that’s where I get it from. When I’m on the battlefield, I go to war.”

“It’s always my job to do my best. Win, lose or draw, people will have something to say about it. I’m fighting to stay at the top. We want to showcase our skills and remind people that I am ‘One Time’ and I am a big puncher. I’m going to have fun in there.”

“I can find so many avenues to win. Josesito Lopez is a good fighter, but he’s like swiss cheese, he’s got holes throughout. It’s only a matter of me exposing them round-by-round.

“There shouldn’t be any hesitation in my game. We took this fight because we’re prepared. If anything was to occur like if I were to feel some bumps and bruises in the fight, people have seen me fight through hematoma and some hard shots. I’m a tough egg to crack. No matter what shape I’m in when it’s time to go to war, we fight.”


“I’m always in tough battles because I don’t shy away from them. I’m in a tough fight this weekend but I’m more than ready for it.”

“Like any boxer, my confidence comes from my preparation. I feel like I’m at the championship level. I prepared well and I’ll have no excuses at the end of the night, no matter the result.”

“In preparation for a fight like this, you have to look at bad habits and mistakes your opponent has made. You can’t find a losing fight with Keith, but he’s been in fights that have shown some flaws that he has in his game.”

“I don’t know if Keith is overlooking me, but whatever the situation is, it will show in the ring. I’ve prepared for the best Keith Thurman and I’m prepared for Saturday night.”

“In training camp, we train in a family atmosphere. Robert Garcia has a family engagement this weekend, but I have the guru ‘Big G’, Eduardo Garcia, in my corner. We might even have a little surprised this weekend with Robert Garcia virtually checking in.”


“My hand took some contact tonight,” said Thurman. “Lopez had a tough head but we held out strong. I said you wouldn’t see the best Keith Thurman tonight, but you’d still see a world-class performance, and I gave you that tonight.”

“He had me buzzed and shaken up in the seventh round, but I tried to stay on the outside,” said Thurman. “I was a little off in my prediction of how long his arms were. He lunged in and was really willing to commit to the knockout.”

“I definitely thought I held my own in that fight,” said Lopez. “I had him hurt in the seventh round and I was landing a lot of clean shots on him.”

“I was disappointed I couldn’t finish him and get him out of there,” said Lopez. “If he thinks he’s the best welterweight out there, then I want two through five lined up for me.”

Returning to the ring in his first fight in 22-months after having elbow and hand injuries, Thurman started fast. He landed a clean left hook early in the second round, that sent to the canvas. Thurman then maintained control of the pace throughout the fight with effective power shots to Lopez’s head.

Lopez fought resiliently throughout the fight. He continued to crowd the space, attack the body and surprise Thurman with power shots. In the 7th round, Lopez caught Thurman with a straight right hand which appeared to hurt him and sent Thurman into retreat mode.

Thurman landed over 130 punches in the fight ended the fight as well as landing 4% more of his punches than Lopez. Though Lopez’s increased activity in the later rounds impressed the boxing fans in attendance the majority decision went to Thurman by scores of 117-109, 115-11 and 113-113.

“I would most likely definitely take the Manny Pacquiao fight this year,” said Thurman. “I feel good. That was a beautiful fight. I’m ready to fight wherever Pacquiao wants it. Either way, I will be back later this year. Believe that.”



“I was born in a small city in Poland and came here when I was seven. Every fight keeps getting bigger and bigger. I was an amateur when Barclays Center first started and now I’m the co-main event. I hope the next time here I’m the main event, that’s the goal.”

“I think like all my fights, I’m going to go in and dictate the pace of the fight. Unless he can do something new, I think it’s going to go the way my past fights have gone. I’m going to bring the pressure and try to make my opponent fold.”

“Washington is a big guy, but I have tactics to work through it. I have to go to the body, work the double jab and get inside to do my work.”

“Hearing the Polish fans in my corner is great. But once the bell rings, you go to that focused mode. You know they’re cheering with you, but you’re totally focused on the fight and what your opponent is trying to do.”


“I’ve had great learning opportunities in my losses. I started my career late and I’ve been learning on the job. Every time I step into the ring, it’s a learning opportunity, win lose or draw, I have to take something from it.”

“My fight against Deontay Wilder gave me confidence that I belong at the top. I didn’t have all the tools at that moment, but I’d never turn down an opportunity to fight for the heavyweight championship of the world.”

“I learn something from all of my fights. The wins and the losses. I’ve taken things and added it to my arsenal because you can’t ever stop learning in this game. The focus that is necessary at every moment was something I really learned from the Wilder fight.”

“This is do or die, sink or swim. We have to look at every opportunity like that. I’ve done everything in my power to prepare for this fight. I did all my homework, did all the sparring and conditioning, I mentally prepared and I’m ready for Saturday night.”


In front of a large crowd of Polish boxing fans, the Polish-born fighter put on an impressive performance. Kownacki landing a series of big punches early that sent Washington to the ropes. Kownacki dominated

the first round by landed 46 punches to Washington’s 12. Harvey Dock, the referee, mercifully halted the fight 1:09 into the second round

“I trained hard for this fight,” said Kownacki. “I prepared for 10 hard rounds, but I’m glad I got it done and ended it as fast as I did. We stuck with the game plan. I’m a pressure fighter. I worked on sitting down on my punches and I proved that I have great power when I do that.”

“It’s amazing to have this support from the Polish fans,” said Kownacki. “It definitely gives me extra energy. I want to thank my team because without them I wouldn’t be where I’m at. I want that belt!”



“I have to win explosively like I always have. I have to earn that right to fight the top featherweights like Leo Santa Cruz and Gary Russell.

“I respect my opponent, but I don’t believe he’s fought tough enough opponents to be ready for what I bring to the ring. Having said that, we left no stone unturned and I’ve trained 100 percent for this.

“I’m here to give the fans a great fight and earn the opportunity to get to the world title again. This is a fight that could definitely steal the show.”


“This is my toughest fight to date, and I’ve trained with a lot of southpaws who have prepared me for this opportunity. I’ve gained a lot of experience since I turned pro and I’m going to show it Saturday.

“I’ve trained very hard and I’ve focused on what I need to do Saturday. My team and I have a great plan and if I listen to my coach and make adjustments, I know that I will be victorious.

“I hope that this leads me to a world title shot. That’s why we started this journey in the pros and after Saturday night, no one will be able to deny me that opportunity.”


Nyambayar and Marrero both came out exchanging a flurry of straight right hands. The third-round action included a big exchange that sent Marrero into the ropes. Marrero out landed Nyambayar 119-114, throughout the fight, but Nyambayar was the more accurate puncher by landing 7 percent more of his punches. This is was an impressive showing by both men, though the judges scored the fight for Nyambayar with scores of 116-11, 115-112 and 114-113.

“I fought a tough fight and left it all out in the ring,” said Marrero. “I had a tough opponent who came to fight. I thought the point deduction came a little early, without that it’s a different fight. But at the end of the day, I fought hard against a good fighter. This sets me up for big fights,” said Nyambayar. “Whatever big fights are presented to us, we’ll take it.

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The PBC and FOX partnership had another successful promotion this past weekend. Their next exciting fight card will be in Carson, CA. on February 9th where that fight card will be headlined by Gervonta “Tank” Davis vs Abner Mares. Stay tuned in for more details to follow. Please share your thoughts on the Premier Boxing Championship and their recent fight cards by commenting in the comment section of this article on www.whatsgoodinsports.com or reaching out to us on twitter @whatsgoodinsports.