The AAF Is Here

 These are the 8 teams for competing in the AAF inaugural season. (Bing Photos picture)
These are the 8 teams for competing in the AAF inaugural season. (Bing Photos picture)

By Cameron Buford.

Identifying that football has rapidly become America’s favorite pastime, CEO/ Co-Founder Charlie Ebersol has assembled a strong team to appease America’s appetite for football. Beginning a few shorts weeks after the NFL concluded, the Alliance of Alliance Football plans to capitalize on America’s craving for tough hard nose football. Realizing that the new model of the NFL left more to be desired for the longtime football fans, the AAF plan to capitalize on this within their new professional football league.

It is too soon to know if the could be a potential feeder league for the NFL, though these games are filled with former NFL players, Canadian Football League players and former college players getting a chance to put good thing’s on film. As the Alliance of American Football planned to begin to play their inaugural season, they identified some of the shorts coming of the NFL and implemented some changes to draw in football fans accordingly.

Some of the changes they have made in response to the ticky-tacky NFL rules are as follows;

– No Kickoffs, each team will get the ball at own 25-yard line.

– No Onside Kicks, each team will get 1 play to convert 4th and 12 from own 28-yard line.

– They will employ the use of a “Sky Judge.” This “Sky Judge” will sit in the press box and will correct “obvious and egregious” officiating errors

In their inaugural season, the AAF will have 8 teams. These 8 teams will play a 10-week season with their playoffs beginning Sat. April 20., with their Championship Game schedule on April 27. The participation of the NFL Super Bowl winners Bill Polian (Head of Football/ Co-Founder), Troy Polamalu (Head of Player Relations) and Hines Ward (Head of Football Development) provides instant creditability to their new league. In their first weekend of play, their ratings beat those of a prime-time NBA game.

The teams are listed as follows;

Arizona Hot Shots Orlando Apollos

Atlanta Legends Salt Lake Stallions

Birmingham Iron San Antonio Commanders

Memphis Express San Diego Fleet

Although there are only 4 each weekend, I couldn’t watch much of the games. I didn’t have many complaints from the football I did see! I noticed immediately the game moved along faster without the kickoffs and punts. I like the idea that teams are forced to attempt a two-point conversion after a touchdown, as it provided more exciting scoring plays more often than we are accustomed too. They play on the field terrible, though it was easy to identify we weren’t looking at the best of the best.

There were several for NFL players and coaches on each sideline, this appeared to have an impact on the players’ preparedness as the game appeared to be well played. I’ll likely take a better look into this weekend, will you? Please advise if you will be watching this new AAF football league and let me know if you are interested in seeing more football, during the NFL offseason, by sharing your thoughts with us by commenting in the comment section of this article on or reaching out to us on twitter @whatsgoodinsports.