NBA MVP Leaders

 MVP candidates LeBron James (left) and James Harden (right) during the 2019 All-Star game this past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. (AP News photo)
MVP candidates LeBron James (left) and James Harden (right) during the 2019 All-Star game this past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. (AP News photo)

By Cameron Buford,

As the NBA comes to their mid-season break, we now have a large sample size of the performances of the leading players and teams around the league. It is widely recognized that the players in the National Basketball Association are among the best athletes in the world and have the most impact on any singular team than players in other sports. The purpose of this article is to identify for you our Top 5 Most Valuable Players of this season in the NBA.

Multiple factors are considered while rating the Most Valuable Players in the NBA. The players must obviously be able to dominate any given game as well as being a good team player and leader. If they are not great in one skill, they must be very skilled in multiple facets of the game. In reverse order, I have listed my Top 5 MVP Candidates as the NBA heads into the second half of their season;

LeBron James

Prior to suffering the Groin injury, he did on Christmas day that held him out for over multiple weeks, James had the Lakers as high as 4th place in the Western Conference. They are currently in 10th in the Western Conference, LeBron can possibly vault higher on this list if he is able to lead this splintered Lakers team to a playoff berth form where they are currently.

Stephen Curry

As the Golden State Warriors are on their quest to win their third consecutive Championship. The only team that can seemingly beat this team is themselves and it is Curry that is the engine and leader of this team. When the Warriors endured an internal crisis earlier this season, while Curry was out with an injury, the team called upon Curry to travel with the team to minimize the internal strife and turmoil that was infesting the team without him. His sharp shooting, ball handling, and leadership will be the reason this team wins their 3rd consecutive NBA Championship.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

They call him the Greek Freak… and he is just that! This freakish athlete is strong, nimble and lengthy Antetokounmpo has a work ethic coupled with a desire to be the best player in the NBA, that is matched by no other. In a few short seasons, Giannis has led his Milwaukee Bucks back into prominence, and they are currently enjoying the best record in the NBA solely because of his outstanding play!

Paul George

George has apparently found comfort in playing next to a former league MVP. This season Paul George has elevated his game this season to a level that has impressed many NBA fans around the league. In his career as the #1 guy on his team, Paul George has scored 40 points 8 times, he’s done this 6-times this season alone. His ability to lock down most opponent coupled with his all around offensive game Paul George has helped to elevated the Thunder to the 3rd seed in the tough Western Conference.

James Harden

Last’s season MVP has yet to cool off! Though the Rockets have loss some pieces and added others this season, their floor leader James Harden continues to lead his team. Averaging over 36 points per game, he is currently on a streak that’s seen him score over 30 points in an awesome 31 straight games. As the Rockets has suffered multiple injuries this offseason, this is a much-needed MVP run that James is on. One that the Rockets hope to keep them in the playoff hunt.

NBA basketball is always fantastic, and their playoffs are even better! With two and a half months left in the season these guys have an opportunity to further separate themselves from the pack and position their teams for a successful playoff run. Let me know your thoughts on my MVP list by sharing your thoughts with us by commenting in the comment section of this article on or reaching out to us on twitter @whatsgoodinsports. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated