Current Leaders for This Season’s NBA MVP Award

 Reigning NBA MVP James Harden has his sites set on winging the award for the 2nd consecutive season.
Reigning NBA MVP James Harden has his sites set on winging the award for the 2nd consecutive season.

By Cameron Buford,

Do any of you remember the NBA slogan, “NBA action, is Fantastic?” This slogan from the 1980s still holds true through today. Each season in the NBA we see developing players which step up to claim their shine through their grind. While we also get to see veterans refuse to relinquish their positions in the League, which make for tremendous theater for basketball fans. The MVP race this season has been like an enjoyable movie for basketball fans.

One must be special, to even be considered as an NBA MVP. A player’s ability to dominate any given game matched with their capacity to lead their team to greatness are among the qualifications for a player to be in MVP consideration. Listed below is my Top 5 MVP Candidates as the NBA closes out this season.

Stephen Curry

Curry is the glue and the engine which keeps this team together. We all know that his sharpshooting, ball handling, and leadership is world renowned. He is the biggest reason this team is en route to winning their 3rd consecutive NBA Championship. His presence seems to settle the personalities on the Warriors and keep them playing in rhythm.

Paul George

Though George suffered a shoulder injury that forced him to miss a few games recently, his work was put in throughout the season. His defensive skills have assisted the Thunder in becoming one of the most impressive defensive teams in the league. Offensively Paul George has elevated his game this season, and this play was much needed as the Thunder is competing for a slot in the very competitive Western Conference playoff race.

Nikola Jokic

In only his third season in the NBA, this 7ft center from Serbia has his Denver Nuggets competing for the best record in the historically tough Western Conference. Jokic’s limited foot speed coupled with limited jumping ability makes us marvel at his undeniable feel for the game. Thus far in the season the first time, All-Star leads his team in assist while being one of the few guys in the league to lead his team in assist and scoring. Oh yeah, Nikola also leads his team in rebounds.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

In most other seasons the strong, lengthy and nimble Antetokounmpo would’ve walked away with the coveted NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award. Having single-handedly led the Milwaukee Bucks back into prominence with his outstanding play, as Giannis has been nothing short of dominant this season. The league has endured the explosiveness of the Antentokoumpo led Bucks on their way to the best record in the NBA.

James Harden

One thing that makes Harden’s so impressive this season is that as the leagues reigning MVP, he’s come back to give the league the business in the very next season. As the Rockets made their various changes in the lineup, one consistent remained the same. Throughout injuries and mismatches, James Harden has been the singular advantage the Rockets have every night. Averaging 36.4 points or game, with 6 rebounds and 7 assists per game, including having scored 50 points 8 different times this season. All this in the extraordinarily tough Western Conference and going on scoring streaks which have been unseen since Wilt, Michael or Kobe.

The NBA basketball season remains fantastic, and with the playoffs on the horizon, the season will is about to get even better. Because the NBA’s league MVP award is a regular season award with less than 10 games remaining for most teams, I have James Harden defending and solidifying his MVP award from last season. Let me know your thoughts on my MVP list by sharing your thoughts with us by commenting in the comment section of this article on or reaching out to us on twitter @whatsgoodinsports. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!