Los Angeles Chargers Eager to Take the Next Step

 Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Phillip Rivers. (Photo Credit: Cameron Buford/Voice of the Fans)
Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Phillip Rivers. (Photo Credit: Cameron Buford/Voice of the Fans)

By Cameron Buford, whatsgoodinsports.com

The scene really couldn’t have been better at Hoag Performance Center Field, where the Los Angeles Chargers are in preparation for their Rookie Mini Camp this weekend. Coming off a disappointing loss to the eventual AFC Champion New England Patriots last season. Today was a chance for some of the veteran players to get warmed up and put the pain of last season behind them.

“Just come in and try to learn,” Was the initial message from All-Pro Cornerback Casey Hayward. He continued on to say, “The hardest part is learning the playbook and how to be a pro. Just like DJ did last year, a couple of older veterans took him under their wing. He was able to flourish because he didn’t have a big ego and he was able to learn from the older guys.”

The bad taste of losing “sits around for a while, certainly until after the Superbowl. But then everyone is back to reset.” Chargers Quarterback says on Monday when talking to the media while elaborating about the playoff loss, “We didn’t have a game where we’ve been beaten like that all season! I know we’ve got some valuable experience, that will help up in the future.”

We also heard from Special Teams Coach George Stewart, who spoke glowing about the job Tom Telesco and their Personnel Department, “Who’s does a great job of finding those guys.” Done in providing quality talent for them to coach up.”

More impressively Coach Stewart proudly says, “We take pride in seeing other guys do well.” After quickly citing multiple examples, Stewart confidently says, “Yeah we take pride in that.” In reference to the question of if the players’ development on and off the field important and do they take pride in that.

Thanks to quality drafting, key acquisitions and player development the Los Angeles Chargers, once again, be formidable contenders for the AFC crown. With their quarterback entering his 16th season, can he continue to play at this championship contender level? We have all summer to discuss this before they begin to play in the fall. Please let us know your thoughts on the upcoming Chargers season, by reaching out to me on @whatsgoodinsports on twitter or commenting in the comment section of this article on www.whatsgoodinsports.com.