J-Rock Williams Dominates Championship vs Hurd

 Julian “J-Rock” Williams as his hand is raised after defeating Jarrett “Swift” Hurd last Saturday. (courtesy photo)
Julian “J-Rock” Williams as his hand is raised after defeating Jarrett “Swift” Hurd last Saturday. (courtesy photo)

By Cameron Buford, whatsgoodinsports.com

Fairfax, VA. was the scene of the latest example of why the “sweet science” of boxing captures the hearts, imagination, and spirits of sports fans around the globe. Undefeated Jarrett “Swift” Hurd took on Julian “J-Rock” Williams (27-1-1, 16 KOs) in his 5th title defense of his IBF, WBA, and IBO Super Welterweight Championship before a hometown crowd at the EagleBank Arena on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. The fact that everyone appreciates an underdog attempt to raise up and upset the favored fighter or champion, gives boxing fans that sense that every boxer has more than the proverbial “punchers chance” to win any fight.

In the eyes of our East Coast correspondent Damarus Stephens, this fight between Williams and Hurd played out this exact way. “This fight started with fireworks right out the gate. The atmosphere in the arena was only enhanced by the action, as the crowd seemed to react to every punch that was landed, by either fighter. Unfortunately for the Champion Hurd, that seemed to be happening way too often for the visiting Williams. J-Roc controlled the fight from the start by boxing beautifully from the outside. Hurd was not looking to ‘Swift’ as the fight started. For some reason, he continued pressing and chasing Williams, even after a Williams knocked him down in the second-round.” Hurd said this about that knockdown, “It didn’t really change my strategy. It was just a flash knockdown. It caught me by surprise. I wasn’t really hurt.’’

Stephens also pointed out that “the 5-1 underdog J-Rock, was able to land a lot of headshots as Hurd continued to lead with his head while ignoring his height and length advantage. In the 8th round, Hurd was cut early by a Williams punch which bothered throughout the later rounds. He then retreated to the ropes and began to absorbed more clean shots from the hard-hitting Williams. J-Roc down continued to smother Hurd on the inside and outbox him from the outside with the jab. Hurd came on strong in the last couple of rounds but Williams matched his effort in the 12 and final round and to complete the upset win.”

“I am just overwhelmed. This is such a great feeling. I outclassed him. I am one of the best fighters in the world,” said Williams. “Maybe I wasn’t ready for the title the first time I got the shot. I took the loss. I took it like a man and the whole world doubted me. I went into this fight a five to one underdog. This is a dream come true. I have been waiting for this for years. I never ditched the gym. I never got into girls or left the gym. I am from the streets, but I was never in the streets. I was in the gym practicing my craft.”

“The only people that believed in me were my team, but all I can say is ‘and the new’!” J-Rock Williams continued on to say, “He wasn’t easier to hit than I thought. He was crafty and he had heavy hands. I just stayed poised. I listened to my coach and I just worked.’’ Williams said. “He couldn’t hurt me. I saw everything he was throwing. I knocked him down. The game plan was to win however I could. I adapted on the fly. We knew he had certain tendencies and worked on his tendencies.”

Hailing from nearby Accokeek, Md, Jarrett “Swift” Hurd was defending his title in front of his hometown crowd filled with family and friends. “J-Rock was just the better man tonight. I wasn’t able to get off. I can’t really call it right now. I have to go back and watch. I was loading up on my shots instead of just letting my hands go.’’ Said Hurd post-fight. “There’s definitely a rematch clause in our contract and I’m going to go for it. I’m going to come back better than I was tonight.’’

This championship fight was yet another example of why all combat sports fans should be tuning into each of these fights promoted by PBC and shown on FOX. Since there is a rematch clause, this fight will certainly be appointment viewing. How did you score this fight, did you in fact, have, J-Rock winning convincingly and do you think a rematch will yield different results? Please let us know your thoughts by reaching out to us on @whatsgoodinsports on twitter or commenting in the comment section of this article on www.whatsgoodinsports.com.