100 Deep Media Meet and Greets

 100 Deep Media initial event in Dallas with WBC Champion David Benavidez at the Dallas Mavericks Gaming Arena. (courtesy photo)
100 Deep Media initial event in Dallas with WBC Champion David Benavidez at the Dallas Mavericks Gaming Arena. (courtesy photo)

By Cameron Buford, whatsgoodinsports.com

Video Games have become a major part of society as most every home, with children under 18 has them. Furthermore, these gaming systems have become an integral part of everyday life, as most millennials have grown up playing video games. Not to mention that many young adults around the globe have some sort of entertainment system whether it’s a PlayStation, X-Box, or Nintendo.

The team at 100 Deep Media plans to create an ultimate fan experience by infusing the utilization of video games and the participation of athletes. Per David Mitchell, “The purpose of 100 Deep Media is to bridge the gap between E-Sports and Sports. At the end of the day, our focus would be to cover E-Sports, Sports and Music.”

The idea evolved from David Mitchell and Egypt Brown’s passion for sports and gaming. David brought his connections from working with Adidas and currently NBA athletes while Egypt utilizes his technology and programming background to merge the world of gaming and sports. As per Egypt, “there was nothing that connected the Athlete with the video gamers before 100 Deep!”

The plan for 100 Deep Media to achieve this growth is via digital and on-site events. The current digital format allows gamers to compete with other gamers from anywhere in the world via digital formats. Whereas, the on-site events would provide a personable, unique and unparalleled fan experience unrivaled by any others.

Though “the digital format will be our most powerful presence” per Mr. Brown. Though, their onsite events “will be equally as powerful. This is why you don’t have the connection talking to someone the phone as you do when having a physical interaction.” Creating this unique shared experience between the gamers and the athlete is the purpose of 100 Deep Media, as both currently play and enjoy video games.

Though I personally have a PlayStation and an X-Box, I must admit neither unit gets much use these days. Although I like what I was hearing from Mitchell and Brown my initial thoughts were why would the athletes choose to compete in these Meet and Greet events? David had an obvious response to my concerns about athletes being playing games online, stating that “it all varies, but at the end of the day, it’s sports! All athletes are competitive! Just because their known for being a professional athlete, there’s more to life than being an athlete. So, they could be just as good as gamers.”

A few athletes that attended the initial Meet and Greet event 100 Deep Media hosted at Game Works in Las Vegas. Professional Boxer and Super Middleweight J’Leon Love play video games to help “keep me focused, maintain his discipline and keep me in my own elements. It’s good with communicating with different people… you got people from all over the world online. You may play a guy from Japan or the UK. On an average day, how often do you get to meet a guy from China.”

South African IBF Strawweight Champion Deejay Kriel is another professional boxer who likes to indulge in video games. Call of Duty is his game of choice and he also plays FIFA. He also admits “just as with his boxing career, these gamers online put a lot of time in what they do.”

Makaila started boxing as a means “to defend herself.” This has also helped her too, “conquer her fears” and “builds self-esteem, while having fun!” She also mentions that “having a female fighter in Video games may also bring more recognition to the sport of female boxing.”

Lastly, I was able to discuss the boxing and the infusion of video games into boxing with video games with Shane Mosely Jr… He mentioned to me that “I’m not a huge gamer”, but he “likes to read books and meditate” to stay focused for a big fight. When asked about the most impactful lesson he’s learned from his famous father Sugar Shane Mosley was, to “always fight hard and give it your all!”

This development of the these “Meet and Greet” events is an ingenious idea by David Mitchell and Egypt Brown of 100 Deep Media. Uniting gamers with actual video game playing athletes is not common. It meshes well with the athlete’s desire to find multiple avenues to stoke their competitive fires and engaging with their fans. This certainly provides those participating fans with a much more memorable experience than receiving a signed shirt, glove or hat at any given sporting event.

I am excited about this initiative from 100 Deep Media and I am looking forward to their next Meet and Greet event. Be sure to follow 100 Deep Media on Instagram for details of their upcoming events. Also, let me know your thoughts on using video games to bring fans and athlete’s together by sharing your thoughts with us by commenting in the comment section of this article on www.whatsgoodinsports.com or reaching out to us on twitter @whatsgoodinsports. Your feedback is very much welcomed and appreciated!