Los Angeles Chargers winding down their OTA’s

 Los Angeles Chargers Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt opens up about the implemented new plays on offense. (Cameron Buford photo)
Los Angeles Chargers Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt opens up about the implemented new plays on offense. (Cameron Buford photo)

By Cameron Buford, Whatsgoodinsports.com

It would be hard to find a better training facility than the Hoag Training facility where the Los Angeles Chargers are in their final stages of their Voluntary OTA’s. These Organized Team Activities are meant to give the young guys a chance to get acclimated to the team playbook, their new teammates,  and develop their daily routines with some veterans.

Last week during the OTA session, there was a situation where Chargers First Round Draft pick Jerry Tillery showed a little aggression than Coach Anthony cares to see. I asked Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley, “When do you want to see that aggressive and toughness to let you know they can be a player in this league?” He responded by saying, “He’s learning the position and the tempo of practice. We’ll get that dialed back. We’ll look at the play and see his acceleration, and talk to him protecting the team.”

A few moments later Ken Whisenhunt spoke to us and I asked him to elaborate on the implementation of his philosophy and new schemes, his response was, “That’s what you do a lot in the offseason, you go back and look at you did, you obviously see things that other teams are doing through the course of the year, and you do things to incorporate some of those ideas.”

He continued on to say, “It’s really the period from when our season is over until we get into phase 1 or 2, where we kind of looking at those things and think about those players and you think about what you want to do, off of some of the things you’ve done in the past. What we’ve done is really pushed our guys offensively to do a number of things. It’s not easy.”

“We’re really trying to create matchups that we think can work out in our favor. We’re still trying to make plays look like something that we’ve done and give them (their opponents) the ole misdirection the other way. It’s a combination of our staff working together and their experiences, they’ve had. O ideas that we come up with.” Expressed Chargers Offensive Coordinator.

Lastly, 3rd-year Defensive End Isaac Rochell talked to us about what the time between OTA’s and training camp is. His response was, “I think it’s; build your routine. Keep doing that, then you have six weeks to get in great shape. For me personally, Yes, I want to get stronger, but the biggest want to come to camp feeling like the best version of myself from perspective. It’s hot, and you really roll straight into preseason games so there’s not time to mess around and get in shape. You need to be ready to play.”

Isaac was then asked about his passions outside football and he was happy to share with us his interesting creative cause, “See you on Sunday, which is an initiative that invites people to take a day off social media. the goal is to start the conversation about Social Media Health. What’s I like to say is, we spend 8 hours a day sleeping. We talk about food health and we talk about sleep health and it’s not as much of a conversation to talk about social media health!”

Over the past couple weeks, the Los Angeles Chargers has shared insight on their direction for their off-season with us, while 98% of their players have come to their facility for voluntary Organized Team Activities. As the veterans and young players become acquainted with one another this no doubt builds camaraderie and unity that will likely pay dividends late in their NFL season. Please share your thoughts with us about the upcoming Chargers season, by reaching out to us on @whatsgoodinsports on twitter, or by commenting in the comment section of this article on www.whatsgoodinsports.com.