Happy 90th Birthday Mother Cora Mae Jordan

“She bears our pain and confronts our fears. She sees the best in any situation and always stands near. We are here because she was here first. To always reference and respect the beauty of her presence is an honor. Grace is a branch from her loins, and intelligence is birthed while on her knees. Strength is an attribute of her discipline. Oh, how I love you, Mother.“ Your only daughter, Vicki L. Kemp

We celebrate your life and how dear you are to your family, your church and your community. You are an incredible woman. We honor you on your 90th birthday June 10th. And we celebrate you on June 8th at your home with all that loves you.

With love your entire family. Love your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.  We honor your life! Happy 90th Mother. To God be the glory!