The NBA Off-Season

 LeBron James and Anthony Davis matched up in a game this past NBA Season. The two will now be teammates in Los Angeles for the Lakers. CBS Sports courtesy photo)
LeBron James and Anthony Davis matched up in a game this past NBA Season. The two will now be teammates in Los Angeles for the Lakers. CBS Sports courtesy photo)

By Cameron Buford,

It’s pretty much common knowledge that the NBA is Fantastic! It just may be possible that the NBA Off-Season is just as fun and interesting as the regular season for basketball fans. Less than 2 weeks after crowning a New Champion the NBA will introduce a new crop of talent to their fans across the nation in their upcoming NBA Draft. A few short days later that the league will begin their Free Agency period, which has already sent the NBA into a frenzy. In stunning fashion the Toronto Raptors have won their first NBA Championship in franchise history. Led by Former NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, the Toronto Raptors earned their championship by beating the team which has been in the NBA Finals each of the past five seasons and won the past 2 NBA Finals Championships. Though basketball was invented by James Naismith, in Canada, this is the first time the NBA Championship trophy has been awarded to a team from outside the United States. Nigerian born Masai Ujiri was the architect of this team which has been comprised of players from Cameroon, Congo, Spain, Taiwanese and the United States. This unique collection of talent which has won the NBA Championship has been the only team ever to take the Larry O’Brien Trophy outside the United States. Just a few short days after the Toronto Raptors won their NBA Championship for their fans in Canada. The NBA will be having their annual NBA draft. Not only will this draft immediately changes the lives of these players drafted, the teams drafting players are counting on these young men to change the fortunes of their teams in the very near future. As with every year, the NBA draft is loaded with potential and possibilities of hope and this year’s draft is no different. Headlined by Zion Williamson, one of the biggest YouTube phenomenon’s the league has seen. Just as expected the NBA Free Agency has begun; before it actually begun. The way the season ended caused for much speculation about the upcoming Free Agency period. Would Kevin Durant return the Warriors, what about sharp shooter Klay Thompson? Or will the NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard return to the Toronto Raptors? For several weeks now, or months I should say, we’ve heard rumors about Anthony Davis and his trade demands. Well, before the Raptors even had a chance to celebrate their championship, the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans agreed upon a deal which would send Davis to the Lakers, once the season officially opens in July.

With their annual draft coming up this week, teams will have a couple months to fill out their rosters in preparation for the upcoming season. Many teams, besides the concerns I mentioned earlier, will have to address the personnel concerns over the coming months. How they respond will be the interesting portion.

Though the regular could be shorten, the NBA remains packed with excitement even as the season ends. Before a champion was crowned the NBA off season speculation begins. We then begin to see the development of these teams through their drafting and free agency acquisitions. Please let me know your thoughts on the NBA off season by reaching out to us on @whatsgoodinsports on twitter or by commenting in the comment section of this article on