Jermell Charlo Ready for Harrison Rematch

 Jermell Charlo enter the ring with his traditional Lion Headgear on Sunday June 23. (courtesy photo)
Jermell Charlo enter the ring with his traditional Lion Headgear on Sunday June 23. (courtesy photo)

By Cameron Buford,

This past Sunday night the PBC on FOX team put together another exciting fight card for boxing fans to enjoy. Though this was supposed to be a fight card headlined by a Tony Harrison vs Jermell Charlo rematch of their championship fight in December of 2018. An apparent ankle injury has sidelined Harrison; therefore, Charlo was set up to fight Jorge Cota as a replacement.

Confident and ready to avenge the loss of his Championship belt, Jermell was primed to retain his title. As he mentioned prior to the fight, “I’m ready to fight. I’ve been ready to fight since they robbed me of my title. I want my belt back and I want every title in this division. This is my moment, and Cota is in my way. I have been going hard in training camp since January. I’ve really been going hard forever. I have a lot to prove and a whole new ambition for this sport. You’re going to see it on Sunday in primetime on FOX.”

Unfortunately for Cota, he was the recipient of the rage Charlo entered the ring with. The second down knockdown, followed by the knock-out of Cota was evidence of Jermell’s focus on retaining his title. Jermell mentions as much in his post-fight comments, “I’d like to thank you Cota, he stepped in the ring. “I got that knock out right in front of my family. He was just getting started and I landed the clean shot.”

“The guy who proclaims he has the title didn’t show up.” Charlo, said speaking of Tony Harrison, “I’m trying to be great. I plan on getting the rematch next and then getting all of the belts by the end of the year. Tony Harrison is in the building, He’s lucky he didn’t accept this fight with me. I’m a much better fighter.”

While there several bouts of this fight card headlined by Charlo Cota, Super Welterweight Joey Spencer’s third fight of the calendar year and the WBC Super Bantamweight Elimination fight between Guillermo Rigondeaux’s and Julio Ceja enhanced this fight card.

Fighter in his third fight of 2019, the 18-year-old Joey Spencer shared this with us after his fight, “I knew he was going to be tough. I think it went maybe a little differently than I expected. He was a better boxing than I thought he was going to be, but I knew he was going to be tough. It was a war. I think it. I learned from this. I learned to not load up my punches so much. Use some more feints and work behind the jabs a little more.”

In an exciting fashion Guillermo Rigondeaux knock out of Julio Ceja came as a surprise to most boxing fans in attendance. As Rigondeaux was losing on 2 of 3 judges’ cards, he was able to catch, with a hard left that dropped Ceja. Post-Fight Guillermo said this, “I gave this 100 percent. I want to thank my opponent and especially want to thank my trainer Ronnie Shields. We worked extremely hard for this and we got the victory. I knew I was going to catch him with the left, but it wasn’t there in the beginning. I knew in the later rounds that I could use it and actually catch him. We practiced that every day and it paid off. Then that left hand came and ended the fight.”

My take away from this weekend’s fight card is, 19-1 Guillermo Rigondeaux is serious about gaining a belt and 8-0 Joey Spencer continues to improve. Having a chance to see Jermell’s focus in the ring and hear Tony Harrison’s thoughts on their rematch… their rematch will still be a highly anticipated match for boxing fans to enjoy. Please share your thoughts on the Harrison vs Charlo with us by reaching out to us on “Voice of the Fans” on Twitter or commenting in the comment section of this article on