Golden 1 Credit Union’s Summer Budgeting Tips

Bakersfield News Observer

Everyone is always trying to find better ways to save and budget their funds, especially during one of the most expensive times of the year like summer. Whether it’s for that summer camp you want to get your kids in or that family vacation you have planned for. Golden 1 Credit Union’s Market Area Manger Noel Powell spoke to us here at the Observer with some tips on summer budgeting and their new Podcast.

Q: What are some good summertime tips when it comes to budgeting?

A: Summertime can be very expensive. Especially if you have a family and have family vacations planned or kids that go to camp. Some of the ways you can save around the house and cut cost is to first cook at home. The weather is nice and warm out so you can grill outside and cut cost with the AC usage. It helps to have family time together. You can cut down on fast food and eating out. Another way is with the kids being out of school you can have crafts or activities for the kids to do. You can look online for different crafts and there are several websites you can find that has homemade crafts out of things you already have at the house so you don’t have to do any additional shopping. Lastly, you can visit your local library. They have books and movies and you will be out engaging with people in the community. And once again you won’t be at home using up that AC!

Q: What happens if I loose track of spending while on vacation and I have insufficient funds?

A: Many organizations like Golden 1 has a mobile app that can be used to keep track of your spending. Golden 1 also has lines of credit you can utilize so that if you do use more than you expected while out of town you can borrow money without having insufficient funds fees so you can avoid that. At Golden 1 you have notices sent to you by email or text to let you know if you spend over a certain amount in a day or if you balance drops below a certain point. So if you are out with your family and have other things on your mind we will be there as a reminder to support you in keeping your budget.

Q: How are some other ways the Golden 1 App make it easier to make it easier while traveling?

A: The Golden 1 app has serval features such as finding locations of ATM’s you can go to without fees. It also has card control features so if you are out of town and loose your card or just can’t find it for the time being, you can disable your card until you find it or receive a replacement card. If you are on the go, the app lets you transfer funds from one account to another and even follow up on your bills. Lastly, it let you’d do mobile deposits while on the go.

Q: Where else can I find tips or information on ways to save?

A: Golden 1 recently launched a Podcast that provides tips and tools and financial education on ways to save to members and nonmembers. This Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcast. It’s called Golden 1 Credit Union Financial Wellness. We also encourage everyone to visit financial Wellness portal on