Experiencing the Desert’s Hidden Gems

“Finding New Roads” with Chevy’s Bolt EV

By James Luckey Jr., Editor, Observer Group Newspapers of Southern California Inc.

After a long work week, it was a great time to get away from the Los Angeles city life and tour the desert to see some of the desert’s “hidden gems.” The destination was Palm Springs, CA. 107 miles east of Los Angeles gave a good amount of time to sight see and put Chevy’s 2019 Bolt EV all-electric car to use. Chevrolet’s first affordable all-electric car was the perfect selection with the Palm Springs excursion in mind. On a full single charge the Bolt EV offered 238 miles of maximum range which was more than enough. On my first look at the car I thought to myself how would I fit inside with my 6’5 frame and all my belongings, but I was pleasantly surprise by how much leg room I was given.

The car has many great features. (Scan over the pictures attached to this review with your “Observer Interactive” app to see every feature) Some of the best features that jumped out to me was the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot inside the car! During the trip I used the Chargepoint app to find the nearest charging stations on the route. I stopped to charge up at a Chargepoint Fast Charging DC station and while doing that I opened my laptop, connected to the wifi, and started to write this article you are reading now. The internet connection was better than connecting to my hotspot on my phone. Another great in vehicle feature was extensive parking assist features. The car has front, back, and bird’s eye view cameras. Parking has never been easier!

The first stop once making it to Palm Springs was The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Dispute the 60 wait and the 30 minute wait to get back down once to the top the view of the city was amazing. Definitely something to put on your list when visiting if you have time.Some other stops in the city were Agua Caliente Casino, Crazy Mel’s Burgers, Sunrise Square Shopping Center, and The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. The highlight of the day for me was the Palm Springs Art Museum. There were three floors of some amazing paintings, sculptures, ancient pottery, and creative things made with the use of some of the most simplest things.

All in all Palm Springs was great long as you stay cool in the triple digit weather. The Chevy Bolt EV was even better! The idea of not having to pay for gas, no more oil changes, and a tax credit was music to my ears and bank account. I defiantly recommending stoping by your nearest Chevrolet dealer and test driving the Bolt EV today! Also bee sure to download our “Observer Interactive” app if you haven’t already to check more cool features on the Chevy Bolt EV and see some more hidden gems from the desert of Palm Springs I found along the way.