Los Angeles Chargers Winding down Training Camp

 Chargers Wide Receivers (T Benjamin, K Allen and M Williams) looking towards a great season in 2019. (Cam Buford photo)
Chargers Wide Receivers (T Benjamin, K Allen and M Williams) looking towards a great season in 2019. (Cam Buford photo)

By Cameron Buford, whatsgoodinsports.com

As training camp whines down for the Los Angeles Chargers, the bleachers for the fans have been removed from their training site at Orange Coast College. Though the music is still blaring there’s been a shift in focus for the team considering that the season is a just a couple weeks away. However, some things remain uncertain such as who would replace their All-Pro Safety in Derwin James and how will they manage the absence of their starting Running Back Melvin Gordon.

Second-year Safety and All-Pro Derwin James will require surgery on a damaged foot which will keep him out of commission for the foreseeable future. The Chargers will have to identify who will replace James in the lineup, whether it’ll be 5th-year Safety Adrian Phillips, 3rd-year Safety Rayshawn Jenkins or Rookie Safety Nassir Adderley. Even though they have a few weeks to identify a replacement for James before the season starts on September 8, filling this void will be critical to the development of this defense this season.

On the Wednesday after their 2nd Pre-Season game, we spoke to Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt about how much will things change when they get their lead running back, back in practice, Whisenhunt responded by saying, “I think they we do it, all of our guys have been interchangeable. Even when we’ve guys that haven’t been available for a game, we’ve kept the same style run game. It’s going to change from week to week because it’s a lot of time it’s based off who we are playing. But they all have talent and that what we’re excited about!”

Later in the day we also spoke with rookie Linebacker and Galen Park, Texas native Emeke Egbule. He was asked about how is training camp has been going and he made mention, “to not being in a hotel for this long and not being in his own space.” He also stated that he’s excited to “get my own spot!” I then asked Emeke what has he brought from home the make it feel like home, “I brought my PS4. So, I can get on HBO, Netflix, and play some Fortnite when I’m not busy with football. Just to get away from football!”

Outside of finding a replacement for James, the Chargers as a team are still making adjustments to be ready for the Week 1 against the Indianapolis Colts. Final cuts are less than a couple weeks away and the success of the season relies on them making the correct moves. Identifying the 3rd string QB is critical for them as well as an adequate fill-in for injured Tackle Russell Okung along with the rotation for their linebacker corp.

On the final day of Camp at Orange Coast College, I asked Head Coach Anthony Lynn about if he plans to keep 4 Quarterbacks on the roster this year, he made it clear that, “We want to keep best 53 men on the team!” He then quickly pivoted to clarify, “we want to keep the right 53 players!” When asked about the difference in the best and right players Coach Lynn responded by saying, “The best 53 is not always the right 53 you need to build the team with. The chemistry and how they play together, (those that have the) core values that we believe in.”

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