Suggested Caption: The Women’s and Girls’ Fund at Kern Community Foundation has been awarding grants to Kern County nonprofits that improve the lives of local women and girls since 2008. (Photo Courtesy of Kern Community Foundation)
Suggested Caption: The Women’s and Girls’ Fund at Kern Community Foundation has been awarding grants to Kern County nonprofits that improve the lives of local women and girls since 2008. (Photo Courtesy of Kern Community Foundation)

Up to $50,000 to be awarded to Kern County education and training programs in 2020.


            (Bakersfield, Calif., September 10, 2019) – The Women’s & Girls’ Fund (WGF), a leadership initiative of Kern Community Foundation, announces up to $50,000 in grant allocations in its thirteenth cycle of competitive grantmaking to Kern County nonprofit organizations that serve local women or girls within the focus area of education and training. WGF values social change grantmaking that emphasizes finding long-term solutions to societal problems facing women and girls in all parts of Kern County.

“Since its inception, the Women’s and Girls’ Fund has provided over $370,000 in grants to local nonprofits that serve women and girls, primarily in the area of educational attainment,” said WGF Vision Committee Vice-Chair Cathy Bennett, who is also the Facilitator of the Fund’s Grants Allocation Committee.

“The Grants Allocation Committee at the Fund is always impressed and inspired by the breadth and depth of service our local nonprofits provide, which always makes it hard to choose our grant recipients,” she said. “The future is our youth, and last year’s grants recognized two agencies who serve teen girls: 

• We provided Latina Leaders of Kern County with a capacity-building grant to allow them to increase the number of high schools where their program can help more girls succeed in school and go on to college. 

• We were similarly happy to provide funds to Teen Success to support their Kern County program working with teen mothers to assure they graduate from high school, not increase their family size, and prepare for meaningful occupations or college.  Both organizations are very successful, and we are thrilled to partner with them this year.”  

The first step in this competitive grant cycle is to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) through Kern Community Foundation’s Online Grants Platform, which can be accessed atkernfoundation.org/grants, by 5 p.m. Friday, November 8, 2019.

Organizations interested in applying should have a 501(c)(3) nonprofit designation or fiscal sponsor. All organizations seeking funds must have a presence in Kern County and all programs must benefit women and/or girls within Kern County.

Funding is typically for one year only; and while multi-year grant requests may be considered, applicants should also be prepared to accept one year’s funding only. All requested follow-up reports for previous grants received from Kern Community Foundation, including The Women’s and Girls’ Fund, must be on file before an agency can apply for additional funding. Agencies must also comply with Kern Community Foundation’s grant-making guidelines, which include:

a) Being registered with Kern Community Foundation through the same Online Grants Platform that can be accessed via the hyperlink above; and

b) Having a Silver or higher transparency rating on GuideStar.org, the world’s largest database on nonprofits. Please refer to the “WGF’s Grantmaking Policy and Focus Area Document” (at kernfoundation.org/WGF > Grantmaking) for more details.

Following evaluation of LOIs by the WGF’s Grants Allocation Committee, a number of agencies will be invited in early December to submit full grant applications. The maximum individual award is $25,000, and the total moneys to be awarded are $50,000.

About The Women’s and Girls’ Fund

The Women’s and Girls’ Fund was launched in 2005 as a leadership initiative of Kern Community Foundation. It is primarily a volunteer effort guided by the leadership of the Vision Committee and Community Advisors. The assets of the Fund are professionally managed and invested by Kern Community Foundation, which also provides oversight of Fund grant decisions.

Through grantmaking, members of The Women’s and Girls’ Fund become philanthropists and advocates of positive social change. They rely on community research, data, and the participation of community members to identify an area of focus each year. Issues of focus can range from women’s and girls’ health and economic concerns to safety and domestic violence, education, and more. 

Since its first grantmaking in 2008, The Women’s and Girls’ Fund has awarded 37 competitive grants, totaling $370,686, to Kern County nonprofits.

About Kern Community Foundation

            Kern Community Foundation is a vibrant nonprofit enterprise with the powerfully simple mission of “Growing Community. Growing Philanthropy.”  The Foundation is in business to serve as a charitable resource for local donors and corporations, and to generate capital that provides philanthropic solutions to help make Kern County a better place to live, to work and to visit. Since its establishment in 1999, the Foundation has grown to hold 163 charitable funds with assets of approximately $25 million, and has awarded more than $23 million in grants and scholarships to improve Kern County’s quality of life.