Try the new “Fitpet” App

By Taliah McGuire

Contributing Student Writer

Fall is arriving, which means so is flu season… And not just for tired college kids or unvaccinated children, but for your pets too.

Fitpet Ahead and Ahead Plus, created by South Korea’s Jong Choi, are application-based urine test kits that allows cat or dog owners to identify their animals’ health issues at home.

Ahead comes with a single urine test, and Ahead Plus contains a single urine test, in addition to, a cup for collecting urine, and a non-absorbing pee pad, and gloves.

The mobile app is free from the App Store or Google Play, and the Fitpet kit ranges in price depending on which model a user intends to purchase.

The app, based with a 99.6% accuracy by the Korean Medical Science Institute, can identify up to ten common illnesses such as diabetes, bladder infections, urinary stones, kidney failure, heart disease, and even hemolytic anemia in just under one minute.

First, the user should upload their pets data to the Fitpet app.

Next, the owner uses the test strip in the urine, waits sixty-seconds, then uploads a photo of the strip into the app.

The app measures the strip using ten parameters including glucose, white blood cells, protein, nitrates, occult blood, and pH. And finally, the results are posted.

Jay Choi, Fitpet’s U.S. Managing Director, says, “The best part is that it gives you detailed instructions instantly, and analyzes with just a scan… Automatically it gives you guidance [at home].”

This kit is perfect for on-the-go families who don’t have time to make monthly in person check-ups, for pet owners who can’t afford medical bills from the vet, and for the owners with animals that are too afraid to see the vet.

“We still advise people to physically go to the vet after they use the app,” says Choi, “and get the [active] help they need.”

Fitpett Ahead is on sale now online and in pharmacies near you.