What’s Good NFL Week 6 Supremacy Ranking 

 October 2019 WGS NFL Supremacy Rankings (Bing Photos)
October 2019 WGS NFL Supremacy Rankings (Bing Photos)

By Cameron Buford, whatsgoodinsports.com

Hey there football fans, we are just past the quarter pole in the-season point of the NFL season. Now that we have had time to see what these teams are made of and what their potential maybe for the remainder of the season. While some teams continue to prove their insignificance, other teams are proving their growth and dominance within their respective divisions. According to what we have seen thus far in the season, we have created our 2019 NFL What’s Good Top 10 Supremacy Rankings.

In reverse order we have listed what we believe to be the top-performing teams in the NFL through week 6:

#10 Carolina Panthers- The emergence of Kyle Allen coupled with the stability and explosiveness of Christian McCaffrey, who is leading all RB’s in rushing yards and yards from scrimmage. Compliments their tough opportunistic defense which is led by Luke Kuechly, will keep them in most games.

#9 Dallas Cowboys- Ezekiel Elliott leads this talented team, though maybe hindered by their head coach or Dak Prescott, take your pick. However, Amari Cooper, that offensive line and their defense can camouflage the warts of their quarterback. This team is talented enough to make a run in the playoffs, it will be interesting to see what they do throughout the season.

#8 Buffalo Bills- The early success of the Bills is a surprise to most NFL fans. As they are a whisker away from being 5-0, their defense is continuing to make it tough for opponents to score, allowing 68 points through 5 games the least since 1993 (where they went to their 3rd consecutive Superbowl) while giving Josh Allen opportunities to get in their offense in the endzone and win them games.  

#7 Los Angeles Rams- Though they are fighting the stigma of the Superbowl hangover, they remain the most talented offense in their division. I expect Wade Phillips to have this defense tightened up by playoff time when they will be a formidable playoff team once again.  

#6 San Francisco 49ers- This record is also a surprise to most NFL fans. At 4-0 this team is a solid mix of youth and experience. Richard Sherman and Nick Bosa make the defense formidable as Jimmy Garoppolo gets healthy and in the rhythm, this offense should continue to improve and prosper throughout the season.

#5 Seattle Seahawks- This team now goes as leading MVP candidate Russell Wilson goes! Teamed with the league’s top running game and with the addition of Jadeveon Clowney to the already formidable defense makes this team a serious NFC Championship contender.

#4 Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers appears to finally have a stout defense and running game. In addition to having likely the best Wide Receiver in the game. This is probably the most complete team that Rodgers has had in his career, which has these guys ranked so high in our rankings.

#3 New Orleans Saints- With Teddy Bridgewater filling in for the injured Drew Brees, for the next few weeks. Alvin Kamara and their young opportunistic defense continue to have this team in position to be 2020 Superbowl contenders and claim the #3 ranking in our Supremacy Rankings.

#2 Kansas City Chiefs- With last season’s MVP Patrick Mahomes leading the charge these Chiefs are easily the most explosive team in the NFL. It’s up to they’re revamped defense to slow down opponent long enough for the league’s most explosive offense to get points on the board.

#1 New England Patriots- Until proven different this team is the class of the AFC and the NFL! Three-time league MVP Tom Brady leads this offense regardless of their receivers and running backs in the game. Paired with the defensive genius of Bill Belichick who will no doubt have this defense ready for a deep playoff run. This is why this team has earned the top spot in our first Supremacy Rankings of the year.

We will revisit our Supremacy Rankings based on what we see from the NFL over the next few weeks. This is just our first glimpse into how we see this NFL season progressing thus far, I’d be interested to know how you differently you may see our NFL Supremacy Rankings.

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