Los Angeles Chargers fans outmanned at Their Home Stadium

 The Pittsburg Steelers upend the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday Night. (Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports)
The Pittsburg Steelers upend the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday Night. (Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports)

By Cameron Buford, Whatsgoodinsports.com

In consecutive weeks the Los Angeles Chargers fans have been outnumbered in their stadium. As Dignity Health Spark Park has become a home away from home for most Chargers opponents this season. Whether the presence, or lack thereof, of a Chargers fan base during their “home” games is an indictment of NFL fans in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Chargers fans themselves or the Chargers management for not doing enough to develop a fan base in the competitive Los Angeles market.

While the fans in the stands cannot be blamed for a rookie quarterback of a one win team coming into their stadium and upsetting the Chargers on Sunday night. These current Chargers players and administration are in the middle of an awkward situation that appears to have no resolution. Most people in Los Angeles will tell you that you have to win, for fans to come out and support your team. Well after going 12-4 in the NFL last season why aren’t fans coming out to see these Chargers take the next step?

Though it’s is an entirely different sport, the MLS has 2 teams here in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Galaxy and the Los Angeles Football Team. The Galaxy have been playing in Los Angeles since 1994 and the Los Angeles Football played their first game in March of 2018. I bring these teams up to say that neither of these teams has trouble filling their stadiums on game day. Neither do the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Dodgers, USC Trojans Football and UCLA Basketball teams, which is evidence that there are sports fans here in Los Angeles!

Even though the Chargers have come up from San Diego just a few short years ago, it is not a good look for the Chargers to be continuously outnumbered on their building. Whether they need to host more community events in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, or buyout the empty seats and provide them to underprivileged youth in Southern California and give these fans a chance to meet and players and/ or team professionals. where this may take years to grow this would start the fan building process at its lowest level.

If you walked through the parking lot an hour before the game as I did on Sunday before the game, you’d realize the levity of this situation. The marketing team of the Chargers has their hands full with this situation as it was an 8-2 disparity in the fan base attendance on Sunday against the Pittsburg Steelers. Last week, it was about a 6-4 disparity as the Chargers competed against the Denver Broncos. I can only imagine what the scene will look like when the Chargers move into the brand-new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

This is not a good look for football fans or Los Angeles Chargers fans! It’s like the Charger has, and will have, 16 road games each season. I am not sure what the Chargers can do the generate a loyal fan base here in Los Angeles but I’d suspect their players would appreciate hearing some fans cheer them on at some point this season.

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