Los Angeles Chargers see Proper Execution as the Key to Getting Things Turned Around this Season

 Philip Rivers (Bing Photos)
Philip Rivers (Bing Photos)

By Cameron Buford


By starting 2-4 the Los Angeles Chargers have multiple areas where they can point out to improving. From calling plays that put their players in a better position to get off to an early start to their quarterback being less aggressive throughout the game and protecting the ball. Earlier this week we were able to consult the Head Coach and Quarterback to get their feedback on their slow starts.

Accordingly, to Coach Anthony Lynn, “We got to go out and execute! With the slow starts, we were 14 a couple of weeks ago. Down 14 right off the bat last week. We just got to execute better early in the game and not put us in a hole like that because that takes out the rhythm of our offense, to be honest with you. You want to run the ball more, but you can’t run the ball more. We’ve got to do a better job of starting fast and just execute.”

When Coached Lynn was asked how he goes about getting his players on the offensive side of the ball in rhythm quicker, “that depends on what’s going on. Early in the game, we’re just trying to run our first 15 plays, and how they adjust to that will determine the next play that we go to. It ain’t the plays; their the same plays we’ve always run, we’ve just got to do a better job of running the plays and executing.”

Phillip was asked about trying using an up-tempo offense early on in games, “Yeah maybe so. We’ve mixed that in here and there, over the last decade. When you’re in a little bit of a rut, that can sometimes be a positive.” I was able to ask Philip Rivers about how he finds the balance between playing aggressively and conservative as the quarterback of the Chargers,

Philip went on to explain, “I do not know that being conservative (helps) obviously, the ball got away from me that ended up being a lateral and a ball got tipped and intercepted. Those were neither a case of being conservative or aggressive. Those were (the results of a) poor throw and sometimes the ball bounces that way. Yes, the turnovers got us in a hole but I don’t know it was because we were being careless or lack of being conservative or not as aggressive. We just got to get first downs and score points.”

The keyword from Coach Lynn and Rivers is execution! They both were on the same page as with a few guys in the locker room stating execution is the key to getting things turned around. Once again let up know your thoughts on the Chargers and the execution through this point of the season by commenting in the comment section of this article on www.whatsgoodinsports.com or by following me on Twitter at “Voice of the Fans” for immediate engagement. Additionally, subscribe to our weekly “Voice of the Fans Podcast” which is available for you on Apple and Google Podcasts including Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeart Radio. As always, we certainly appreciate you for making our voice your choice!