Clippers Patrick Beverly Partners with Honey to offer Clippers Fans Gameday Tickets for $10

By Cameron Buford

This is easily the most anticipated season in the history of the Los Angeles Clippers organization. Their off-season acquisitions of last season’s NBA Finals MVP and 2-time Champion Kawhi Leonard in addition to 6 Time All Star and 4 Time All Defensive team member Paul George propels this team to the top of NBA’s Western Conference leaders. Clippers guard, tough, hard nose, defensive tone setter partners with sponsor to offer their diehard fans special ticket pricing for this upcoming season.

Patrick Beverley and the Clippers’ newest partner, Honey has launched the “Honey’s Steal of a Deal” ticket campaign, which will give Clippers fans the opportunity to purchase $10 tickets for each home game during the 2019-20 NBA regular season.

“I want our loudest, proudest fans to be in the building this season which is why I am excited to partner with Honey and provide the most passionate Clippers’ fans with the opportunity to come to cheer us on,” said L.A. Clippers guard Patrick Beverley. “I have always said that our team plays for the people that work for everything they have – its who we are and it’s the L.A. we play for — this partnership celebrates those people and gives back to the people that embody that work-ethic.”

In the words of Patrick Beverley, “It’s pretty dope! It gives a chance to gives the people in the back a chance to see us for a big-time discount. I fortunate to be able to do this; it’s all about the fans all about our crowd. We put this thing together with Honey, it was an easy call.”

Beverley continued on to say, “Since I’ve been in the NBA, I’ve always wanted to give! They came up the opportunity and it fit well with what I’m trying to do, especially in the community. Able to get people some tickets, diehard fans who were there supporting us before the Kawhi Leonard, Paul George era. Guys who are diehard fans. This is the least we can do. I’m all about giving back! If I can reach that one kid that can possibly reach a million others; my job is done.”

When told that Doc felt the Clippers were a Blue-Collar team and Beverly was asked if he has that same feeling, he responded by saying, “Yeah, I mean we just don’t have a… we have superstars, but we don’t have those demanding superstars! Superstars that demand a lot of attention. The guys we have just like to hoop. We like to get on the grind, we like to get better; get in the weight room and get better. get up our shots because we really love basketball! We just hooper’s man. Whether we getting paid to this or do it for free, we’d still be playing basketball!” 

Having visited Cedars-Sinai Medical Center multiple times last season, when asked if he still plans on visiting hospitals as he did last season, he responded by saying “Yeah, of course! I think that was a big part of why we were successful last year. I was able to go in and humble myself and go out with that on my back. Knowing that regardless of what I’m doing, I’m still playing basketball and there’s people out there doing way worse than I’m doing. My Grandma had cancer, so it hits home a lot. So, when it comes to that, it’s about reaching back getting motivation and inspiring others!”

For each of the Clippers home games there will be a limited number of $10 tickets available. At STAPLES Center box office windows 16 and 17, one and a half hours, before each Clippers game these tickets will be available for purchase. These discounted tickets will be available for fans that are wearing Clippers colors (red and blue) and following @Honey on Instagram to be eligible. Tickets are limited to two per person and arena access will be delivered electronically via AXS/Clippers Mobile for immediate entry. Additionally, those fans who purchase a $10 ticket will each receive a limited-edition Patrick Beverley inspired t-shirt to wear proudly at the game that night.

“Honey knows saving money and getting value is important, that’s why we’re proud to be a part of this promotion that gives all Clippers fans a fair chance to see a game,” said Honey President Joanne Bradford. “The love of the game and the love of savings are what the Honey Clippers partnership is all about.” Last month, the L.A. Clippers and Honey entered into their multi-year partnership, with the opening of the newly-renovated “Honey Training Center: Home of the L.A. Clippers” and the displaying of Honey’s logo on Clippers practice jerseys.

About Honey Honey is an L.A.-based tech company building tools to help people save time and money when shopping online. What started as a browser extension has grown into a suite of free tools that help everyone shop with confidence. From notifying you when a price drops, to showing you the lowest prices available, to a mobile app that brings your favorite stores and deals into one easy-to-shop destination, Honey provides you with the information that you need to make the best decisions with your money. Honey has 10+ million members globally, a majority of which are in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. In the past year, Honey has saved its members more than $1 billion. Visit to shop smarter and follow Honey on social media @honey.

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