RIP To My Good Friend Demetrius Tanner

Jeremy Luckey

Letter To The Editor

To hear of your passing was truly heartbreaking. The only thing that has been comforting are the lifetime of memories. Meeting you in kindergarten changed my scholastic life. Although we were friends the competitiveness to be the smartest was truly real. There were times where it seemed like it was me and then there were times where it was definitely you. As we grew up that competition ceased. You were a natural born leader who would have us all in awe listening to your crazy stories, now that I’m an adult I just don’t believe they were all 100 percent true LoL. Nothing beat wrestling with Mr. Hurd in the after school program or watching you have to prove your age to play football at the Friendship House. And we could never leave out all the memories with Mrs. Hauss and her famous cookie bars. As an adult you continued to inspire me to be better as I watched you literally build a business from the ground up. You will always be one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Thank you for a lifetime of friendship. Praying for you mom, children, siblings and extended family and friends.

We here at the Observer extend our prayers and condolences to the family and friends to all that knew “Meechie”. As my younger brother stated I went to elementary with him, bought dogs from him as we became adults, and had talks about business as he was a big supporter of The Observer as we all here were equally proud supporters of PapaHill’s Fish Grill. We will try to give any funeral details to the public once they have been arranged. -James Luckey Jr, Editor