Los Angeles Chargers Announce Immediate Changes on their Coaching Staff

 Shane Steichen gets his chance to officially call plays for the Los Angeles Chargers beginning this week. (Photo Credit: Bing Photos)
Shane Steichen gets his chance to officially call plays for the Los Angeles Chargers beginning this week. (Photo Credit: Bing Photos)

By Cameron Buford


In recent weeks the Los Angeles Chargers have struggled to move the ball effectively and convert their drives into points when in scoring position. This partially explains why this surprisingly uncharacteristic move to relieve their offensive coordinator of his duties. During his weekly press conference, Los Angeles elaborated as to what he why he thought a change was needed and some of the expectations he would get from this decision.

For the past 3 years, Ken Whisenhunt has called most of the plays for the Los Angeles Chargers. Earlier this season the Chargers broke a 55-week streak of scoring in the first half. Additionally, they have not rushed for over 40 yards in the game, in October. This also coincides with the return of their All-Pro running back Melvin Gordon, which has seemingly created some challenges for the offense and/ or the coordinator.

When asked about this change Head Coach Anthony Lynn responded by saying, “We have eight weeks left in this season and we still have everything in front of us that we want.” He continued to say, “Shane is young innovation; he has a lot of juice. I think the players are going to respond to Shane.” I asked Coach Lynn if he expects the carries to even out which this change, “We’ll see how the game goes. There’s this narrative, that I just want to run the ball all the time; that’s not true, I just want to win!”

As the quarterback of the Chargers Phillip Rivers said, “you’re disappointed as a player because you didn’t do enough as a player first and foremost. At the same time, excited for Shane. (I) certainly, know he’s more than capable of picking us and keep us rolling” When asked how he expects the new OC to impact the running game Rivers told us, “that’s a collective effort. We know we need to run it better; we need to do all of the things better! We all know we need to run it better and when balance that’s when we’re at our best.”

The Sacramento native and UNLV graduate Shane Steichen served as the Cleveland Brown Offensive Quality Coach in 2013. Before joining the San Diego Chargers, for a second time, in the 2014 season as the Offensive Quality Control Coach and then being promoted to the Quarterbacks coach of the Los Angeles Chargers in 2016. It will be interesting to see if this change provides the spark that gets this team going.

In addition to hearing from Head Coach Anthony Lynn and Philip Rivers, I was also able to talk to Austin Ekeler and Mike Williams. Knowing that 34-year-old and Sacramento native Shane Steichen will be taking over the play-calling duties for the Chargers, I asked each of them if they had put their bid in for more plays. Mike said, “absolutely! Let me get that X spot going.” Austin Ekeler was much more modest in his response by saying, “I will run the plays that are called and take advantage of my opportunities when they come.”

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