More Los Angeles Chargers players participate in the NFL’s My Cause, My Cleats campaign

 Justin Jones (Shoes representing Thomas Davis Foundation).
Justin Jones (Shoes representing Thomas Davis Foundation).

By Cameron Buford,

We’ve all heard the saying, wear your heart on your sleeve. Instead of wearing their heart on their sleeve, NFL players are wearing their hearts on their feet, in Weeks 14 and 15 of this NFL Season. In support of the My Cause, My Cleats campaign this season, several players will be wearing specially designed cleats promoting off the field causes which are near and dear to their hearts. This article will highlight the multiple Chargers players and the foundations that they have chosen to support.

Justin Jones
In support of his team mentor Thomas Davis, Justin Jones chose to support the Thomas Davis Foundation as he participated in the NFL My Cause, My Cleats campaign. The mission of the Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Foundation is to Educate. Empower. Defend. – Our foundation is built on these principles and strives to encourage students to develop the essential life and social skills that will make them leaders of tomorrow as told by their website Listen to Justin give high praise to Davis and his reasoning for supporting his teammate’s foundation by clicking the following link,

Hunter Henry
After hearing about the cause in high school through his church. The Los Angeles Chargers Tight End decided to partner with the International justice mission to give recognition to the Human Trafficking situation during the NFL’s My Cause, My Cleats campaign this season. More information about this worthy cause can be found at You can hear the passion in Hunter’s voice as he speaks about this particular cause when you click on the link below

Isaac Rochelle
As social media has become such an integral part of our everyday lives. Los Angeles Chargers Defensive End Isaac Rochelle began to remind others that there’s nothing more critical than human interaction. His aim to increase Social Media Awareness is the cause he chose to highlight during the NF’s My Cause, My Cleats campaign. More information about his cause can be found at as he sheds more light on this issue during his conversation last week. By clicking on the attached link, you can hear Rochelle speak about the benefits a focus on Social Awareness impacts us all

Mike Williams
As many of you know, Cancer has had an adverse impact on citizens of the United States and around the world. Just about everyone knows someone or knows of someone that had succumbed to this harsh decease. Los Angeles Chargers Wide Receiver Mike Williams is no different. During our brief interview last week, Williams describes why he choose Cancer Awareness as his focus during the NFL My Cause, My Cleats campaign. Click on the link below to hear him explain why he has chosen to bring awareness to this particular campaign,

As mentioned previously, there are nearly 25 players on the Chargers who have to choose to participate in the My Cause, My Cleats initiative over the past couple weeks. My intentions were to highlight the athletes and the particular cause that they feel passionately about. I commend each of the men I’ve spoken too and that have chosen to bring awareness to these specific causes. In the meantime, you can visit to see what other players around the league have chosen to support.

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