Jermell Charlo Reclaims His WBC Super Welterweight Title

 Jermell Charlo regains his Super Welterweight Championship Belt on Dec 21. (Photo Credit: Stephanie Trapp /TGB Promotions)
Jermell Charlo regains his Super Welterweight Championship Belt on Dec 21. (Photo Credit: Stephanie Trapp /TGB Promotions)

By Cameron Buford,

Saturday evening in Ontario, CA., PBC held it’s long-awaited rematch between Tony Harrison (28-2, 21 KOs) and Jermell Charlo (33-1, 17 KOs) for the WBC Super Welterweight Title. After months of banter between the two, Saturday night would bring an end to all the taunting, name-calling and disrespect these guys displayed in the lead up to this fight. These men would get the chance to settle their differences inside the squared circle live on FOX.

As each fighter was announced, the crowd was seemingly in favor of the younger Charlo twin who came out in a never seen before, glow in the dark short set. Harrison entered the ring to a smattering of boos though confident and dawning an outfit paying tribute to his home town Detroit Lions. The fans in attendance at the Toyota Arena sounded like it was in favor of Charlo about 8 to 2.

Dealing with the fact that he lost his belt to Harrison nearly one year ago to the date, Jermell Charlo came out in Round 1 as the aggressor in this fight early. While Charlo, was throwing wild punches, Tony Harrison stayed calm and worked his jab early on. Harrison outpointed Charlo in the first round though Charlo was the aggressor.

Harrison clinches Charlo in an attempt to avoid the haymakers coming at him early in Round 2. Charlo punched on the clinch and Harrison responded with a nice left-right combination that catches Charlo in the chin. Finally, Charlo connects with an overhand right that catches Harrison. After exchanging combinations Charlo catches Harrison as he was backing up and drops him late in the round.

Charlo opens up Round 3 by throwing some wild haymakers with some bad intentions. Harrison eludes the punches and counters Charlo by backing him into the ropes with a nice left, right combinations. In a surprising turn of events, the crowd began chanting Tony, Tony, Tony in unison as the third rounds ended.

Opening up the 4th round the crowd continued to chant for Harrison. This fight began a very tough fight to score in the middle rounds of this fight. Though Harrison was proving to be the better boxer, Charlo proved to be the heavier handed puncher. Round 5 and 6 was very similar to that of round 4. Both men gave their best in the ring and this remained a very tough fight to score.

I gave those middle rounds to Harrison because he landed more effective combinations while Charlo was headhunting, looking for a knockout. Rounds 7, 8 and 9 was very similar. Harrison was showing that he was the better boxer while Charlo showed he was the harder puncher.

Tony’s bodywork began to pay off in the 10th Round and appeared to be slowing any of Charlo’s momentum. Though Charlo remained the aggressor however Tony remains calm and continues to outbox Charlo with his jabs and body blows. However, Charlo still had some explosion left in the tank.

The fight changed in the 11th round when Charlo connected with a hard write hand that dropped Harrison for the second time. After Harrison got up, Charlo quickly attacked Harrison and knocked him

down with a barrage of punches that sent him into the ropes for the second time in the round. Referee Jack Reiss gave him a long 8 count, he let the fight continue. Like an animal sensing a wounded victim, Charlo was relentless once the ref let the fight continue. His final flurry of punches without Harrison throwing punches back forced the stoppage at 2:08 in the 11th round.

Post-fight Charlo said this about regaining his belt, “I got the belt back and I didn’t leave it up to the judges,” said Charlo. “Tony is a former champion. He had a lot on the line. I dominated and I knocked him out. I’m a gentleman at the end of the day. I showed my respect, but at the end of the day I don’t like the dude. He can get it again, but I’m off to bigger and better things. I’m down for making history. He held the title too long and I had to come back and get it.”

Whether I or anyone else thought the fight was stopped to quick Harrison had this to say about the stoppage, “Jack is a championship referee. I started getting a little lax and got caught,” Harrison said. “He earned it. I hate it, but he earned it. The game plan was to do a little boxing. But taking a year off, my boxing wasn’t used to it. He earned it and no excuses. I got caught slipping. I never trade offense for defense. He caught me in between. I feel like I let us down. I let me down. It’s one on one. Back to the drawing board.”

Before the main event, a couple of other fights primed fight fans for the main event. Highlights of the 8 Round Lightweight Karlos Balderas vs. Rene Tellez Giron can be seen by clicking HERE. Just as highlights of the Efe Ajagba vs. Iago Kiladze can be found on by clicking HERE. The main event was the conclusion of another wonderful fight card hosted by PBC. They will be hosting their final fight card in Atlanta on December 28th, as Gervonta “Tank” Davis takes on Yuriokis Gamboa in the first World Title Fight in Atlanta since 1998.

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