As Los Angeles Chargers Season Comes to an End, So May Have the Career of Chargers Rivers and Gordon

By Cameron Buford,

The Los Angeles Chargers season ended in Kansas City last after their loss to the Chiefs last week. It’s unknown as of now if Chargers fans has seen the last of 38-year-old quarterback and 16-year veteran Phillip Rivers and/or their 5th year Running Back Melvin Gordon. Though neither player has said they hope to have played their final game in the Chargers Blue a Yellow uniform, both players are at the end of their current contracts with the team.

In an interview last week, I asked Rivers if he wanted to play football next season? He was short and clear when answered simply, “yep”. Previously he was asked if he wanted to lead the franchise in that new chapter as they move into SoFi stadium next season and if that was a motivating factor, he responded by saying, “I don’t’ think so, that’s not a motivating factor.”

Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn was non-committal when asked if he wanted Phillip Rivers as his starting quarterback next season stating, “who wouldn’t want a guy with those intangibles and that production… sure.” However, since Phillip’s contract has expired, Chargers fans must accept the idea that they may have seen the Rivers will be behind center. Not only is he not under contract, but neither side has emphatically stated they want this partnership to continue.

Last week, Melvin Gordon made it clear to me before their game against the Chiefs, that he wants to return as a Charger next season if it were up to him. When Head Coach Antony Lynn was asked if he wanted Gordon back next season, though complimentary he was once again non-committal when he stated stated “I love Melvin Gordon! He’s fun to be around, he’s a hard worker.”

“Losing 9 games by one score,” was what Head Coach Anthony identified the most frustrating part of the season. Going 5-11 this season is tough for these guys to accept, especially after finishing at 12-4 last season. Though injuries played a major role in the adversity they endured during the season, it’s not an easy pill for the team to swallow.

In addition to Rivers’ vague response about his return to the team last week. It sure appears that the Chargers will have a new starting quarterback under center, as they start the season in the new SoFi Stadium in September. A tweet from ESPN’s Beat Writer Eric Williams supports this idea, as he states in his post, “Philip Rivers was in the building, but did not make an appearance at locker room cleanout today, something he’s done every year I’ve covered the team.”

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