Clippers seeking that winning formula

 Los Angeles Clippers Kawhi Leonard, left, shoots as Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson defends. (Associated Press Photo)

By Cameron Buford

If you ask Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers about the team’s mindset from last season, he’ll quickly tell you, “That was last season and that season has nothing to do with this season!” Additionally, you’ll be shut down if you ask him when this team will show signs of what he expects them to be, stating “it’s a work in progress. We’ve just got to keep working.” As I’ve been trying to get a timeline from him and the players all season.

After Tuesday night’s win against the Cleveland Cavaliers Doc echoed the same sentiments, “We are looking at being better the better basketball team each day. It is all we talk about every day, our job is to get better each day and this cannot be the best we are right now. By game 82, that has to be the best we are. Every night is an opportunity to get better, this is all we talk about.”

When asked a similar question a few weeks ago Paul George responded by saying, “you can’t put a time table on that. Every team comes together at different times. You can’t really put a time frame on that, to be honest. I think what you want to do is use these games to get better going forward.”

The Clipper has been hampered by a multitude of injuries mid-way through the season, which has impacted the symmetry and consistency on the roster. Having guys in and out the lineup have severely hampered their team continuity and could be credited for the teams’ delayed progress. Their 27-13 record isn’t caused for alarm, though certainly isn’t where you expected them to be to this point in the season.

Their matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night, would present another chance to find that winning formula. Though again, it appears they’ll be without the All-Star Guard Paul George in this game. However, injured or not, the Western Conference could conceivably pass over them as they are currently 6th in the Conference. This would have to be considered a disappointing place to finish the season, though I wouldn’t expect them to finish in this position at the end of the season.

Kawhi’s “leadership by example,” lead the team in scoring with 43 points on Tuesday night. Followed by Lou Williams’ 24 points, off the bench, propelled the Clippers to a 128- 103 win over the Cavaliers. This is only further evidence of their potential dominance, for when they finally get healthy.

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