Bush, Lott, Easley Head Walter Camp All 150th Team

The 2005 Lawry’s “Beef Bowl”. Bush and Leinart were named to the Walter Camp 150th All Time All-American Team. (Photo: Earl Heath)

By Earl Heath, Contributing Sports Writer

Many have always said “The Creme rises to the top,” that can be said for the Walter Camp 150th Anniversary team. While it is hard to hit the nail right on the head there are several local players from USC such as Heisman Award winners Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart  who made the team. They are joined by Trojan wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett.

Tony Boselli, Brad Budde, and Ron Yary are Trojan lineman who were selected. All-World tackle Jonathan Ogden of UCLA was also named to the O-line.

On the defensive side Ronnie Lott and Tim McDonald represent the men of Troy. Kenny Easley and Jerry Robinson are headliners for the Bruins. John Lee and his “Golden Toe” is one of six kickers selected.

The Walter Camp All-American team first formed in 1888 by Walter Camp who is know as “The Father of American Football”. The 2019 team is the 130th edition, easily the oldest such type team.

The Walter Camp Foundation is a Non-profit all volunteer organization based in New Haven, Connecticut. It was founded in 1968.  In all there were 130 players from 53 different schools on the All-Time list which were selected by Foundation members and College Experts. Ohio state had the most representatives (11) then Notre Dame (8), USC, Michigan, Florida State, and Alabama all had (7).

It’s really tough to get all the deserving players in over a 150 year window but you can’t go wrong with those selected.