By Cameron Buford,

In bittersweet fashion, the NFL season is coming to an abrupt conclusion. As sports fans across the globe will tune into the biggest sporting spectacle around, it does the mean the end of another NFL season. Representing the AFC in Miami for Super Bowl will be the (12-4) Kansas City going against the (13-3) San Francisco 49ers who will be representing the NFC.

Last season’s NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, overcame an injury earlier in the season to lead the Kansas City Chiefs into this Superbowl. To get here the Chiefs had comeback from a 24-point deficit before roaring back to score 41 unanswered points to beat the Texans. They then showed their comeback resolve once again by overcoming a 10-point deficit to the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship game to earn their spot in the Superbowl.

Rookie Head Coach Kyle Shanahan led the San Francisco 49ers to an impressive 13-3 record this season. Their destruction of the Minnesota Viking’s in their initial playoff game brought the 49ers one game closer their 6 overall Super Bowl win. Just getting there makes Kyle Shanahan and his father Mike Shanahan the NFL’s only father-son Head Coaching duo to get to the Super Bowl.

The dynamic offense of the AFC Champions Kansas Chiefs will present a challenge in Miami for the NFC Champions San Francisco 49ers. Teams have controlled the ball and played keep away from the Chiefs through these playoffs however that explosive offense, led by Patrick Mahomes, has continuously come back to win both playoffs games to get to SB LIV. Because the 49ers have a stronger defense than either team the Chiefs have faced thus far in the playoffs, the Chiefs can’t allow themselves to get down double digits against the 49ers. As the 49ers have a better running game than either team they’ve played, though the Chiefs have shut down Derrick Henry, who just rushed for more yards than anyone in his initial playoff games.

Another intriguing thing about this Superbowl is that the Chiefs are in the Superbowl first time in 50 years, while it’s been since 2013 for the 49ers made it to the big game at the end of the season. Though these two teams met early in the 2018 season when the Chiefs opened up by scoring 35 points in the first half, there are some distinct differences between the teams then and now.

Former All-Pro Running Back Kareem Hunt is not lining up in the Chiefs backfield and the 49ers defense has matured into a force to be reckoned with. The NFC Champions have developed a stout defense, lead by that aggressive front line. Their ability to apply pressure on the opposing quarterback allows the back end of the defense to zero in on locking down receivers in short burst. While their ball control offense could and should limit opportunities for that explosive Chiefs offense.

That stout defense of the (13-3) 49ers against that dynamic offense of the (12-4) Chiefs will likely be the difference in Super Bowl LIV. I expected Patrick Mahomes and his use of his speedy and elusive wide receivers to be the difference in the newly remodeled Hard Rock Stadium of South Florida. I foresee Andy Reid leading the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win since the Chiefs won Super Bowl 4 back in 1970.