The Introduction of The New XFL

 The XFL Kicked off this past weekend in four cities across the country. (Courtesy Photo)
The XFL Kicked off this past weekend in four cities across the country. (Courtesy Photo)

By Cameron Buford,

By starting their season one week after the NFL’s Superbowl, the XFL seeks to quench the thirst of the many football fans across this football-crazed nation. This iteration of the XFL has committed to delivering football fans a brisk, up-tempo game, with fan-centric innovations including an affordable game day experience. Real-time Audio is intended to bring the fans closer to the game by allowing them to hear plays calls, before plays running on the field and they will be able to hear from players immediately after plays are made on the field.

The XFL’s reimagined version of football kicked off this past weekend. This league is comprised of 8, centrally owned and operated, teams that will compete in a 10-week season with a 2-week postseason to include two semifinal playoff games and the championship game. Unlike its predecessor, this new version of the XFL will boast a faster simpler play of football versus the entertainment elements of the pro-wrestling inspired antics of the 2001 league.

Learning from the mistakes of the previous rendition has positioned this league for long term success. This second venture of the XFL has a much better chance of succeeding with its partnership support. Vince McMahon, XFL Founder and Chairman, is personally funding the new league and building the XFL with the same commitment and resolve that he has demonstrated building WWE into a global media and sports entertainment powerhouse.

Though Quarterbacks will get paid more in this league, the other are roughly paid the same. On average, players will receive $55,000 not including a $1,685 activation fee, if they are activated for a particular game. Additionally, if their team wins, they get an extra $2,222. The 8 teams, 45-man active rosters, kicked off this past weekend in four cities across the country and the week 1 matchup was as follows;

Saturday’s matchups

Seattle Dragons at D.C. Defenders and Los Angeles Wildcats at Houston Roughnecks

Sunday’s matchups

Tampa Vipers at New York Guardians and St Louis Battlehawks at Dallas Renegades

Out drawing the now-defunct Alliance of American Football in their debut, the XFL’s debut edged the first-ever broadcast for the AAF. Their viewership compared favorably to ESPN’s Toronto Raptor vs Boston Celtics Christmas Day matchup. Their viewership peaked at 4 Million 5 pm EST this past Saturday evening. Because this is an affordable ticket in each city, all four games announced a crowd of over 17,000 in attendance.

I am eager to see the turn out for the Los Angeles Wildcats as they have their home opener next week against the Dallas Renegade, on February 16, at Dignity Health Sports Park; visit for tickets. Let us know if you plan on tuning in to the game or even go to see the Wildcats play in person by simply commenting in the comment section of this article on or by following me on Twitter @whatsgoodnsport for immediate engagement. Additionally, subscribe to our weekly “Voice of the Fans Podcast” which is available for you on most podcasting platforms, Apple and Google Podcasts including Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeart Radio. As always, we certainly appreciate you for making our voice your choice!