By Darlene L. Williams, Contributing Writer

Nonprofit Startup, Development Consultant, and Co-Founders of Favour Consulting Group, Alicia Barmore and Devin Kowlessar hosted the 2nd Annual Favour Nonprofit Summit 2020 at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California. The two-day event began on Friday, February 21, 2020 and concluded Saturday night with an “IMPACT Awards” and After Party celebration.

Approximately 80 people attended the event.

Keynote speakers for the event were: Ivy McGregor, CEO of IVYinc and Director of Social Responsibility BeyGOOD at Parkwood Entertainment; Louis Fawcett, President at NANOE (National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives; Coressa Williams, Founder of Building Hope and Marketing Director at Princess For A Day; Domonique Price, ESQ Business and Intellectual Property Attorney; Baron Jay Littleton, Founder and President of Baron Jay Foundation; and Julius Green, Accountant, Burgeon Financial Services.

An array of topics were covered and discussed in the all-day summits which began at 8:00 am. Attendees were not only given wealthy amounts of information and the tools needed to correctly and legally operate a nonprofit organization, but they were also treated to delightful continental breakfasts’ and lavish lunches served outside in the hotel’s tropical gardens with a picturesque view of the Long Beach Oceanfront.

Favour Consultant and Host, Alicia Barmore’s infectious smile, soft-soothing voice and people skills appeared to set the ambiance for the entire two-day event. She could be seen interacting with participants, and affectionately acknowledging others with a ‘hey girl’, a hug, or a wave.

“Getting grants is a process, Barmore said. We want grants, but we’re not grant ready. 95 percent of people asking for grants are not grant ready,” she said.

Opening keynote speaker, Ivy McGregor, seemed to captivate the audience from the moment she began speaking until her last remark.

“I want to be a conduit of change, McGregor said. People are watching your life even when you don’t know it.”

“I want to talk to you about the inside stuff, she said, rubbing her hand over her heart. “ Because money comes through your hands, you are conduits of change—you want to be a person people can trust.”

McGregor told the crowd, “Good posture will get you recognized. Keep a journal, get a fine writing instrument. Look well, dress well every chance you get.”

Participants could be seen attentively engaged, taking notes, networking, capturing pictures and/or video clips during every speaker’s presentation.

Domonique Price, Intellectual Property Attorney described herself as a “’Phenomenal Attorney’” as she danced and swayed to the background music.

Price’s bragging rights were legitimate; among many of her brag- worthy accomplishments, she’s the youngest attorney to have ever worked for the NBA.

Price made it perfectly clear that for nonprofit organizations, brands, trademarks, logos and the likes, being legally unprotected is no dancing matter.

“A lot of nonprofits don’t look at themselves as full corporations or brands that need to be protected, but I’m here to tell you that nonprofits are making a killing on their intellectual properties,” she said.

Louis Fawcett, President of NANOE in Columbia, SC and keynote speaker found himself unsure about what he wanted to do in life or why “God put him here on earth.” After building a home in Ethiopia in 2008 to take children off the streets, Fawcett soon found his purpose in non profits.

“If you are out there helping people, there is always organizations out there to help”, Fawcett said.

Julius Green; Accountant and summit speaker said,” I’m 1 of 17 children. I grew up on a farm and I truly believe that my dad used farming as a motivator to get us out of the house and to never ever come back, it worked,” he said.( amid laughs and applause)

“If you’re going to run a successful business, you have to know your business,” Green said.

The Los Angeles News Observer (LANO) was on hand for Q and A from several non profit directors and or information seekers.

Question: What is your purpose for attending “Favour Nonprofit Summit 2020”?

A: “I worked for a Fortune 500 for 30 years. I wanted to get an up-close of nonprofits to see if I really want to work again. Do I really want to go hard again for another 30? I met Alicia Boreman and heard her speak. I felt like I could glean a lot from coming here; I want to know what’s working in this season.” Roberta Morris

A: “Learning from Alicia and Ivy was very appealing from the moment I found out about it. This is how a nonprofit needs to be structured and organized. Taylor and I trusted our gut and what we thought was right but, we needed guidance.” Thor Retzlaff (and Taylor Zehren) Founders of “Do Good SH*T” Human Waste Management Nonprofit Organization

A: “My purpose is to learn about running a nonprofit organization because I have no clue.” Stacey Bulluck; Transformational Speaker and Founder of Ordered Steps Nonprofit (Provides transitional housing-life skills training for female ex-offenders and female veterans)

A: “I founded a nonprofit in Africa helping individual families and communities traumatized by 14 years of war in Africa to revitalize their lives. A friend suggested that I should come here, so really I’m here to hopefully get resources—everything to do with resources.” Rachel Dickens; Founder & President of B.R.A.I.D. Africa Nonprofit

A: “To learn how to do things here in California; I live in Texas and to meet people in the nonprofit world. I’m a life-learner.” Sunnie Givens; Founder of The Gift Foundation Nonprofit Organization

A: “I’m here to learn about starting a nonprofit and I want to cultivate it into something bigger.” Telisha Jones; Business Owner

The Favor Nonprofit Summit 2020 closed out successfully with awards given to “nonprofits making a difference”, newfound friendships, informed and educated participants, satisfied customers and of course; an infectious approving-smile from Barmore.