By Earl Heath, Contributing Writer

COVID-19 has caused many people to stay home. It can be contagious and spread through touching, coughs, amoung other ways.

It caused Los Angeles Unified to close all its schools for at least two weeks. That means some 700,000 students and another 75 thousands employees have their daily lives changed.

L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti and Austin Beutner have decided to shut things down for at least two weeks and most likely through the end of the school year to help stop the spread and re-evaluate how to handle the problem.

There have been many lay-offs as bars have been ordered closed and restaurant’s are to have take out only.

There has been long lines at grocery stores as people have waited an hour in lines just to gain entry. Stores have run out of poultry, toilet paper and other essential’s.

Some stores have allowed limited purchases. At one Vons store a man came to the counter with 2 packages of english muffins, the cashier told him,”You can only buy one of these sir.”

Hand sanitizer, alcohol, and paper goods have been sold out  in many locations for days.