By William Potter, Co-Founder

Missing In Action Remembered (MIA Remembered) is a local nonprofit founded by small business owner and Vietnam veteran Bill Potter and his wife, Denise. This organization is in need of funding and/or donated services to construct and maintain a Military Dog Tag Memorial, housed in the Portrait of a Warrior Gallery in downtown Bakersfield. The estimated cost for supplies and construction is $50,000. We hope you will consider donating to us through Give Big Kern.

The walk-through experience will surround visitors with 80,000+ dog tags, each customized with the name, rank, and state of a missing-in-action soldier (from WWII to the present). Loved ones will have the ability to find the exact location of any soldier’s dog tag within the display. As each solider is located and brought home, their silver dog tag will be changed to gold. They are Never Forgotten!

As of March 25, 2020, there are 81,935 Souls still Missing In Action.

Please visit us at: and donate to us through our page on

God Bless our Military and the USA.