By Earl Heath, Contributing Writer

During any other “normal” time people would be flocking to the Wynn Nail Spa located at 1509 N. Vine St. for some pampering and relaxing. It is one of the premiere destinations for Spa treatment in the Greater Los Angeles area. One could get nails, a pedicure, or a manicure. A person could capture the sunshine with a hot towel wrap and a hot lotion massage.

However, with the heavy outbreak of COVID-19 only essential business’s such as grocery stores, convenient stores, gas stations, and laundry facilities to name a few are allowed to stay open. While in full operation Wynn Nail Spa would send technicians to offices, hotel suites, studios, and movie sets for treatments and make-up.

Under guidelines set by Gov. Gavin Newsom salon technicians are not allowed to work. They aren’t tabbed as non-essential, so it’s closed it’s doors and had to send all it’s employees home.

After being closed for a few days some clients called the Spa and asked to buy some mask. “We had a so many request I felt we could help out but I had to be sure,” said Spa Manager Wing Yu. “We couldn’t just sell things, so I contacted some people.”

After contacting The Los Angeles County Health Department he received permission to sell several necessities like mask that were in demand.

It turns out Wynn Spa had several items that are needed such as hand sanitizer, bleach, alcohol, Clorox wipes, hand soap, and mouthwash. There is a table set up at the front door so there is no actual entry into the salon itself. People point out what they want and it’s given to them. Prices are very reasonable. Someone can buy a personal size 40 pack of wipes or even a gallon of 70 percent alcohol.

Nearby Wallgreens and Rite Aid got blitzed so hard the shelves were emptied of many items. Wynn is a business that “stepped up” in a this recent crisis. They even have toilet paper.

“I just came to pick up these few items,” said Cheri Levine clutching a mask and wipes she just purchased.

Levine lives right across the street, she is one of several tenants who come on foot. They all respect the 6 foot social distancing space forming a line up the sidewalk on Vine.

“Depending on the day we get from fifty to more than two hundred people stop by,” said David Cox, a Wynn employee. Some buy a little some buy a lot of things.”

According to Dr. Barbara Ferrer Los Angeles County Director of Public Health Wynn Nails is a big help to L.A. County and its citizens. “I think it’s ok to buy mask from the outside,” said Ferrer at a recent briefing. “As long as they’re not N95. Those should be given to medical professionals who are desperate need them if it helps with safety and prevention. Some non traditional outlets can help immensely.”

We do know how long we will be in this situation but Dr. Ferrer made a statement a few days ago. “I want to note that we are extending health officer orders which require a fair amount of distancing and keep closures of non-essentials businesses, not because what everyone has been doing isn’t working. It’s because it is working. We know it is effective. But we still have a ways to go.”