By Keely Lopez

Casa Esperanza Transitional Home for Women is a nonprofit organization with a goal of providing safe and supportive transitional housing in Bakersfield, California, for homeless women and their children.

The program has been inspired and modeled after the Alexandria House in Los Angeles, California. Their success is the motivation behind what Casa Esperanza is planning to achieve.

Our intention is to have residents that will live in a family-like environment that produces a spirit of community and a sense of extended family while transitioning to sustainable independence.

Casa Esperanza’s mission is to break the cycle of homelessness.

A transitional home for women and their children is something that would greatly benefit the community.

As Casa Esperanza plans to open our home in December of 2020, we are seeking funds for house renovation, food, training, transportation, education, and…the list goes on.

However, things are starting to get slightly worrisome because of the COVID-19 crisis. “Hearts of Hope,” an important fundraising event for Casa Esperanza, was supposed to be held on April 2. Rescheduling Hearts of Hope amid this pandemic may prevent us from hitting our fundraising goal as originally planned.

These are uncertain times, but Casa Esperanza is still very much determined to continue forward movement despite any setbacks. That said, donations and support are very much needed and appreciated now more than ever.

We have had to adjust to other methods of fundraising while navigating through this time of heavily relying on the internet. And Give Big Kern is a BIG help to Casa Esperanza, as it is a practical way to receive donations online—with no social distancing concerns whatsoever!

To learn more about and donate to our organization please, visit and search for “esperanza.” You can also visit our website at