By Cameron Buford,

March 11 seems like so long ago, yet it was just a few short months ago when the sports world came to a screeching halt. After the Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert was diagnosed with COVID19 before a game against the OKC Thunder the NBA promptly canceled their season until further notice. Additionally, other professional sports leagues Boxing, MLS, and NASCAR quickly followed suit, and MLB was never allowed to get their season underway.

As the death toll of the United States has reached over 88,000, we all have had to endure a new normal in our lives in defense of this insidious pandemic. Which includes practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and consistently washing our hands. No telling how long these measures will be required but many sports fans like myself were elated to hear Governor Gavin Newsom remarks about sports returning in the state of California.

In recent weeks we’ve seen NBA players compete in virtual games of horse, various NBA 2K and Madden tournaments along with simulated NASCAR events. We’ve heard the rumors about the NBA completing their season in “bubble cities” to keep them safe from the COVID19 virus. But this Monday afternoon, sports fans in California were given some hope when mentioned the possibility of Pro Sports taking place, albeit without fans in the stands to begin with.

As reluctant as California Gov. Gavin Newsom has been to open up shopping malls and restaurants throughout the state. On Monday, May 18, he mentioned that with “modifications and very prescriptive conditions.” Professional sports could resume as early as the first week of June.

With the Los Angeles Clippers and the Lakers in NBA Championship contention, this ruling would pave the way for them to resume practicing and hosting games with or without fans. Additionally, MLB’s San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers would be able to restart prepping for their season to begin.

This would also be great news for the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers and the Chargers and Rams who soon be opening their brand spanking new Sofi stadium just south of Los Angeles, in Inglewood.

Newsom continued to say, “A number of other sectors of our economy will open up again if we gold these trendlines in the next number of weeks.” This is considering that things continue to improve in California and we remain vigilant about protecting each other from the aforementioned Coronavirus.

As a Sports Writer, I’d like to see all sports resume play, across the country. However, I understand the safety concerns involved yet, providing they let fans right away which sports are you most eager to see return would it be the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, or professional Boxing? Let us know which sport you are anxious to see play whether attending a game or watching a game from home. Kindly share your thoughts on which pro sports games you would be looking forward to seeing most once welcomed to the stadium or arenas, by reaching out to me on Twitter @whatsgoodnsport or forward your thoughts to Additionally, be sure to subscribe to our weekly “Voice of the Fans Podcast” which is available for you on most podcasting platforms, Apple and Google Podcasts including Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeart Radio. As always, Thank You for making our voice, your choice!