LOS ANGELES (JUNE 5, 2020) – In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the demand for police reform, Pastor Shep Crawford of The Experience Christian Ministries (ECM) will host “Perceptions, Empathy & Unification” (PEU), PEU is a forum facilitating one-on-one discussions between LAPD Officers and young African American men and women in the community. The purpose of the intimate discussion is to share perspectives so that the two groups can finally understand the feelings of fear, hostility, disappointments and frustrations from both sides as Los Angeles embarks upon police reform.  

“We cannot begin to make a significant change until we first see each other’s point of view. MLK represented was successful by protesting, but also by constant dialog and conversations with those on the other end of his views. We plan to follow that blueprint in hopes that love becomes the driving force for all of us”, says Pastor Shep.

The discussion will take place tomorrow at 1p.m. Wednesday, June 9, 2020 at the Experience Christian Ministries 326 E. 47th Place, Los Angeles, CA 

There are 25 LAPD officers confirmed to attend/participate in the discussion including Commander Woodyard and Captain Baez along with 25 young adult African American men & women from the community. 

During the session, participants will be given the opportunity to sit with LAPD officers for 1 hour for candid discussions. After which, there will be 45-minute Q&A session which will address 5 (Five) pre-selected questions asked by the Community Member and 5 (Five) pre-selected questions asked by the CSP Officer. At the conclusion of the forum, all participants and media are invited to enjoy a meal in celebration of unity.

About Pastor Shep Crawford

Sr. Pastor Anthony “Shep” Crawford is no stranger to the news media, he along with wife/Co Pastor Dr. Shalonda Crawford started the  Experience Christian Ministries in South Los Angeles in October of 2010. Since moving the church into the gang embattled neighborhood, Pastor Shep has had his boots on the ground working throughout the community with council members and rival gang members to promoting peace and unity, providing resources, feeding the homeless and scheduled community clean-ups to help restore pride to the neighborhood. Pastor Shep has been seen leading the charge to educate the youth and young adults during the protests. To learn more please visit them at www.theEcm.org.

If you would like to cover this event, please email reid@iscopepr.com or call 310-560-1383 ASAP or Daphne Jackson at 323-428-0755. Media check-in @ 12:45p.m.

*All participants and media are asked to wear masks as we will be practicing social distancing*.