By Earl Heath, Contributing Writer

It’s been a fiery two weeks since the death of George Floyd.

Protest have taken place in more than 75 cities around the country.

Floyd was handcuffed while lying prone on the ground when Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck as two other officers had their knees on his back for nearly nine minutes causing his death.

The 46 year-old Floyd was arrested on suspicion of using a counterfeit twenty dollar bill.

There is also the case of Breonna Taylor she was shot by police in her own home on in the early morning hours of March 20th by Louisville police as they entered her home as part of a narcotics investigation. She was shot eight times by police and died in the hallway of her home. LMPD were looking for suspects that were already in custody.

The ER EMT would have celebrated her 27th birthday on June 5th.

Protesters marched in the hundreds not just in Metro area’s, they also spread to suburban area such as Glendale and Walnut Creek, California. Rev. Leslie Takahashi lead minister at the Mt Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church told the L.A. Times hat a demonstration had taken place there nearly everyday since May 31. It’s a city of 70,000 resident with 70 percent of them white.

“The Bay Area had a lot of protest for Ferguson and there may have been a few small protest in Contra Costa County and Walnut Creek, but nothing like this,” Takahashi a 13 year resident of the area told the Times.

The situation led to a wide range of marches from Compton to Hollywood to many other Cities and towns you would never think would be involved in such a thing as Black Lives Matter.

During early stages of demonstrations looting took place by many who had nothing to do with the protesters. On June 2 a thousand or so marched down Sunset Blvd in Hollywood peacefully. They passed Gower street and marched down Van Ness. While heading towards Santa Monica Blvd several cars filled with people unaffiliated with the march stormed into the stores at Gower Gulch plaza. They looted Rite-Aid, Kickin-Crab, and K-Daddy Restaurant.

There were several marches daily throughout Hollywood most of them peacefully the California national Guard was on hand to assist LAPD. The majority of protesters worked with them on cooperation and which way to go.

There were Black Live Matter in apartment windows along the route and plenty of support for police and injustice reform.