By Earl Heath, Contributing Sports Writer

After all the back and forth between MLB owners and the Major League Baseball Players Association it looks like we will have a baseball season. Teams are to report to their home team stadium.

The Los Angeles Dodgers (at press time) are to report to Dodger stadium July 1 to prep for a shortened 60 game season. On that date the players will be tested.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the schedule is set that teams will play each team in their division 10 times (40 games) to help keep traveling down. The rest of the games will be against teams in the geographical close location such as NL West vs AL West, NL Central vs. AL Central. NL East vs AL East.

The season is scheduled to start July 23 or 24th.With the new season comes new rules such as no spitting (good luck with that one), no chewing tobacco, no fans, and pitchers aren’t allowed to lick their fingers. They also must bring their own rosin bag. It’s all due to health experts who say that respiratory droplets spread the coronavirus.

Most players will sit in the stands since there will be no fans allowed. Umpires and players must stay at least six feet apart whenever possible-even during the National Anthem. Each time the ball is touched by multiple players it will be removed from the game.

Off the field has some things in place also including lockers six feet apart. No showering in the locker room. Players are not to swim in hotel pools. Players must also only get their meals only through room service.

After month’s without sports I think we all will be ready to hear, ”PLAY BALL!”