By Earl Heath, Contributing Writer

The recent loss of John Lewis sent many of us back in time as our televisions were filled with images of him marching in Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Selma and many other cities.

Lewis had another half, he was married to the late Lillian May Miles who passed in 2012. She also was already involved in the Civil Rights movement. They met at a New Year Eve party in 1967.

She was a native of Los Angeles where she received her B.A. Degree from Cal State Los Angeles and her Masters from University of Southern California.

This is what a few had to say about him. “Not many of us get to see our own legacy play out in such a meaningful and remarkable way,” said Barack Obama. “Thanks to him we have a marching order to keep remaking this country until it lives up to it’s full promise.”

Nancy Pelosi-Speaker of the House- “How fitting it is that even the last weeks of his battle with cancer John summoned the strength to visit a peaceful protest where millions of young Americans poured into the streets to take up the unfinished work of racial justice.”

House Majority Whip (R) Steve Scalise- “What a loss, you knew you were serving amongst someone who was a legend.”

California Senator (D) Kamala Harris- “He carried the baton of  progress and justice to the very end. It now falls on us to pickup and carry on.”